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Feb 7, 2020

An Introduction to Simone Thomas

Simone Thomas’ journey, from serious illness to an award-winning health specialist

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to The Wellness Journal. My team and I are dedicated to filling this journal with inspiring and insightful content to help you to become healthier and happier.

I am immensely proud of the results we produce for our clients; working with clients through our salons, hair loss clinics and our Simone Thomas Wellness range, we have helped numerous men, women and children with their health, wellbeing and hair loss. My mission for launching Simone Thomas Wellness it to help many more.

This mission is the reason why we have launched this journal, this website, our social media channels and our new product ranges. My drive for creating this business can be better explained through my vision and my journey so far.

I have worked immensely hard to become a leading hair loss consultant, nutritionist and wellness expert. This career path was catalysed by my own desire to recover from a serious illness.

Like many others, my health complaints started early on in my life. I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) which triggered my first experiences with hair loss. As well as hair loss, symptoms of IBD include chronic fatigue, chronic cramping and bloating, extreme weight fluctuations along with other symptoms. This can cause extreme discomfort and have a detrimental impact on your physical and mental wellbeing.

At the age of 21, I was diagnosed with abnormal cervical cells and B12 deficiency. This was during the first stages of my modelling career, I was adamant that this diagnosis wouldn’t prevent me from pursuing my dream, but the medication prescribed and the stress I was experiencing, caused my hair to shed at an alarming rate.

As many people are aware, hair loss is a devastating ordeal. Despite using various hairpieces and wigs on a daily (and nightly) basis, I ultimately felt unattractive, causing my confidence to hit rock bottom.

Thankfully, a smear test caused my abnormal cervical cells to be diagnosed early on and they were removed before they manifested into something more serious. However, not everyone is as lucky. Last year, it was reported that around 3 million people across England failed to have a smear test in 3 and a half years. 220,000 British women are diagnosed with cervical abnormalities every year, further stressing the importance of smear tests to catch any serious conditions as early as possible.

I had an operation to remove the cancerous cells, but this did little to relieve my symptoms. This kick started my journey into the world of diet and nutrition so I could try and relieve my symptoms from the inside out!

After committing to an anti-inflammatory diet as recommended by a nutritionist I thankfully began seeing improvements. My hair became fuller and thicker and I was experiencing less fatigue and skin complaints. This inspired me to gain a deeper understanding of the role diet and nutrition plays in hair health and your general wellbeing.

I avidly studied how a nutrient-rich diet and the correct supplementation can transform hair growth, texture and condition. I eventually completed a qualification in both nutrition and weight loss management and promised myself that I’d share this newfound knowledge with others.

Simone Thomas Salons allowed me to create a friendly and welcoming haven where individuals could receive professional advice and expertly sourced hair loss solutions. It was amazing to see my clients not only relying on my services but seeking out my expertise and ongoing support.

For me, this highlighted the importance of making this vital information accessible to a wider audience. Thus, Simone Thomas Wellness was born, offering hints and tips on everything from exercise and diet to hair health, along with a range of supplements to enhance nutritional wellbeing.

I look forward to sharing more insights and knowledge with you, so that you too can reap similar benefits.

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