A bulletproof coffee is my go-to when I need a lot of energy and I know my morning will be filled with appointments.
This creamy, high in fat and rich in antioxidants latte-like drink is made with a great quality coffee, and traditionally with organic grass-fed butter and MCT oil derived from coconut.

I like to make the vegan version of that drink – I replace the regular butter with a teaspoon of the almond butter, coconut oil and add a pure vanilla essence for the extra flavour.Warm and creamy bulletproof coffee it’s known to improve mental focus, control sugar cravings and hunger pangs. It also helps maintain energy levels throughout the morning.

While we used to treat fat as the worst enemy (remember all the fat free yoghurts and desserts?) now we know that good, well-sourced fats are essential part of our body functions, especially the brain.



(Makes 2)


• 400 ml freshly brewed, best quality coffee
• 2 tsp almond butter
• 2 tsp coconut oil
• 2 tsp MCT oil
• 2 tsp vanilla essence


• Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend on high until smooth and creamy.
• Pour into 2 mugs and enjoy.