We also believe in protecting our planet for future generations to enjoy. Our multi award-winning products contain only the finest natural, organic ingredients sustainably sourced from different corners of the world, selected for their highly beneficial properties and their proven results.

We believe that ‘To look good on the outside, things have got to be great within’

Ashwagandha root extract hand-picked from Sri Lanka

* SkinQuencher

Sustainable wild harvested seaweed sourced from the Scottish Outer Hebridean islands, certified by the Soil Association

* SkinQuencher

Black pepper from India

* Biotin and Ginkgo Hair Care Plans

Vegan friendly probiotic strains from Italy

* Biotin and Ginkgo Hair Care Plans

Natural fish collagen peptides

* SkinQuencher

It is not just what goes into our products but how we package them that matters as well as what our packaging can ultimately become. Sustainability lies at the heart of everything we do.

Activate your inner glow with award-winning haircare, skincare, and wellness products (group from Simone Thomas Wellness.


Suitable for Vegetarians*

* Excludes SkinQuencher

Suitable for Vegans*


Cruelty Free


Naturally found active ingredients - No nasties!