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Case Study - Lilly's Hair Regrowth Story

The number of children she’s met over the years within her clinic who suffer with skin and hair issues is worrying and rising. Lilly is a perfect example. She came to the clinic for skin related issues and not for hair loss, but as a result of treating her skin, she regained 90% of her hair. 5 years were spent with NHS dermatologists and she had always been given steroid cream, which is a masking agent, not only leaving her skin in the same state but also effecting her hair growth.

Lilly was in so much pain at night she could not sleep, meaning her parents never had a full night’s sleep as she would wake up in tears, scratching and bleeding from top to toe. This was not something a young child should be experiencing growing up. After meeting with Simone, Lily began to make some significant changes to her diet and lifestyle. She reviewed the food groups she was eating and increased her intake of fruits, vegetables and raw foods along with drinking up to 2 litres of water a day and cutting back on processed foods.

Introducing Lilly to The Biotin Hair Care Plan and SkinQuencher has changed their lives for the better. Lilly’s parents have been amazed by the results, finally feeling that there’s someone really looking at the bigger picture and bringing them comfort in a time which has been incredibly stressful. Today Lilly’s skin and hair has improved 99% and her parents feel they have been truly supported by Simone Thomas Wellness when it comes to their daughter.

Lilly's Hair Regrowth - Before and After

Lilly hair regrowth before and after

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