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Simone Thomas

Simone Thomas Founder

Simone Thomas is a respected and award-winning authority in the world of hair health and wellness. Sharing her knowledge as a leading hair loss consultant,  a bio-energetics practitioner and nutrition advisor, Simone has built an enviable reputation through her multi-award-winning hair salons and hair loss clinics in the UK.

Having started her early career as a model whilst dealing with several serious health issues from an early age, Simone personally suffered from hair loss, thinning and the devastating effects this had on her physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

This inspired Simone to open a hair loss clinic to help others to achieve beautiful, shiny hair restoring their confidence and self-esteem. As part of Simone’s approach to regaining her health, she has spent years understanding the important role that diet and nutrition plays in the condition of your hair and your health, with particular interest in supplementation, gut health and following a nutrient-rich diet.

Simone Thomas Wellness draws on Simone’s respected research and trusted expertise to provide balanced advice and ideas on living well. She has personally developed, trialled and tested the supplements, which had such a dramatic effect on her hair growth that she was able to stop wearing wigs, hair extensions and hairpieces. Not only did her hair start to look better than it had in years, she was driven to extend this product to her salon and clinic clients, so that they too could experience the many benefits.

Simone leads a busy, active life keeping fit, cooking nutritious meals and spending weekends on the beach in Dorset where she lives with her family.

Simone Thomas, Founder of Simone Thomas Wellness

Meet The Team

Simone Thomas is supported by a highly qualified team of specialists.

Shikha - Aesthetics Pharmacist and Phlebotomist

Shikha is a highly experienced Aesthetics Pharmacist and Phlebotomist with a vast knowledge of the vitamins and nutrients needed to improve different types of hair loss.

Shikha - Aesthetics Pharmacist and Phlebotomist at Simone Thomas Wellness

An expert in Platelet Rich Plasma treatments which promote hair growth and thicker hair, Shikha starts with blood tests to help diagnose the cause of your hair loss, and once diagnosed she works very closely with you to design a plan tailored to your needs. These Platelet Rich Plasma are extracted and injected into areas of thinning to stimulate hair growth, as well as to thicken your existing hair.

Shikha has years of training under world renowned Dr Katie Goldie in Harley Street, London and Dr Tim Pearce at Skin Viva, in Manchester.

She is trained in intravenous infusions and she is an Advanced Practitioner in medical-grade, prescription strength skin peels. Shikha has over 20 advanced qualifications in aesthetics beauty practice, including certificates from Skin Viva, Medics Direct on Harley Street and the Harley Academy at the Royal Society of Medicine.

A qualified pharmacist with a Masters degree in Pharmacy, and a Diploma in Independent Prescribing, she has progressed to become a member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. She is the proud owner of an award-winning pharmacy in Southampton that has garnered many awards including ‘Pharmacy Business of the Year’ and ‘Independent Pharmacist of the Year’.


Debbie, MLCHom MARH.

Debbie, MLCHom MARH at Simone Thomas Wellness

Debbie trained in London at the Lakeland College of Homeopathy and is a member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths. She has a CIBTAC Honours Diploma in Diet and Nutrition and is a member of the federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners.

She practices in Dorset and the South West of England offering her clients Advanced Health Screenings using The Asyra Pro Bioenergetics screening which can indicate the energetic state of internal organs, food sensitivities, environmental sensitivities, nutritional needs, hormonal balance, toxin response and much more.

Her integrated approach to healthcare enables her to provide individual treatment plans to support her clients on their journey to optimum health. She is passionate about health and wellbeing and regularly updates her skills and knowledge through continual professional development.


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