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‘I suffered from post-natal hair loss and Simone has been a life saver! Yes, had great results. My hair feels fuller and much healthier, so I’m really pleased! I still have a little way to go but it is much better than before I started.’

Georgie Culley, Features Editor, The Sun 

‘To look good on the outside, things have got to be great within’

Natural approaches are safe, effective, and provide long-term whole-body health that also supports the growth of strong, thick, and vibrant hair. The key to addressing hair loss is to remain vigilant because it may take up to three months to begin to see new hair growth. If you have unexplained or undesirable hair loss, it is important to address this as soon as possible through contacting a hair loss expert and assessing your diet, lifestyle, and supplementation.

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Hair loss affects eight million women in the UK and 40% of men will experience notable hair loss by the age of 35.

Excessive hair loss is extremely upsetting and frustrating and it affects us for numerous reasons.

From genetics, to nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, illnesses, medical treatments, extreme stress, trauma, medications, pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage, menopause, and harsh hair care products, to name just a few.

It carries with it a social stigma, health worries, and self-esteem troubles that people who have not experienced this can never relate to.

When I suffered with hair loss in my teens and late twenties, my self-esteem was ravaged, even now with a full head of hair I vividly remember the trauma.

After years of research and qualifications into hair loss and nutrition, I discovered that what my hair and body needed, as well as what thousands of my clients needed, started from within.

Healthy Hair starts within, with our Award-winning Hair Care range.

Find out how our award-winning supplements alongside a nutritious diet and active lifestyle can help maintain happy, healthy hair and skin.

The Biotin Hair Care Plan

The Biotin Hair Care Plan has been designed to make your hair feel stronger, shinier and to maintain it is peak condition. Suitable for vegans, gluten-free and dairy-free it contains Biotin Brilliance, Super Greens and Everyday Wellness capsules and is enriched with 8 superfood ingredients, 6 super strength probiotics, and highly beneficial for your skin and nails too.

The Biotin Hair Care Plan was a finalist in the ‘Best New Inclusive Hair Product’ category of the Pure Beauty Global Awards 2020 and a joint winner of the ‘Best Hair Supplement’ category at the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2020, and has been featured in the Times.

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