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The Science of Biotin

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin and is part of the vitamin B complex, also known as vitamin H. Biotin is often found in foods such as nuts, legumes, lean meats, eggs and whole grains and plays a vital role in helping the body convert food into energy. 

What is biotin?

Biotin's primary benefit is to encourage hair regrowth, leading to thicker, stronger hair. Biotin plays an important part in the production of fatty acids, which are essential for healthy skin, hair and overall health.

Along with the benefits biotin can have on our hair, skin and nails, B vitamins are also essential to provide us with the energy we need to get on with daily functions. Biotin helps to support our bodies build muscle strength and repair tissue cell growth, as well as alleviate muscle and joint inflammation, a necessary nutrient for someone regularly participating in sports or physical activity. In addition, biotin also helps to support your body's nervous system and thyroid function helping to regulate sleep, energy, and overall cognitive function. 

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Why is biotin so important?

A deficiency in biotin could lead to symptoms of fatigue, mood swings, digestive issues or even low blood sugar levels. 

By supplementing this powerful ingredient, biotin will support your body's nervous system and thyroid function helping to regulate sleep, energy, and overall cognitive function. Other benefits found from taking biotin supplements include: 

  • Biotin is essential for the body to synthesise and metabolise glucose, fatty acids, amino acids and stress hormones. 
  • Support healthy hair colour and growth
  • Supports healthy skin and muscles
  • Supports healthy and strong nails
  • Alleviates eczema and dermatitis

Biotin is depleted by alcohol, antibiotics, cooking and refining foods as well as raw egg whites due to a protein, Avidin within them, which prevents biotin absorption in the intestines.

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