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Simone Thomas Wellness


Sustainability is at the heart of Simone Thomas Wellness and has always been a hugely important factor for Simone and for us as we grow as a business. We have taken several steps towards doing our bit for the environment since Simone Thomas Wellness begun and the team are always looking out for new, innovative ways to improve sustainability and help reduce our impact on the environment. 

Natural Ingredients & Non GMO

The complete range of Simone Thomas Wellness products are GMO free, meaning no pesticides or fertilisers were used in production of the supplements and only natural ingredients are used. Organic farming and ingredients are widely accepted as a more sustainability way to farm for ingredients that is kinder to the environment and wildlife.

Recyclable Packaging

Our multi award winning products have been created with sustainability in mind, and all packaging is recyclable, helping to reduce waste one step at a time. Our product packaging is recycled into a range of products including floor tiles, creating new, usable products which can be repurposed again and again, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

Cruelty Free

All Simone Thomas Wellness products are cruelty free and always will be.

Vegan & Soil Association Certified

Majority of the Simone Thomas Wellness supplement range are Vegan Trademarked by the Vegan Society, helping you to quickly and easily spot products free from animal ingredients.  A range of animal products are closely linked to deforestation, and we’re proud to offer vegan products which promote more ethical practices and sustainability in farming. The only product without this trademark and therefore not vegan is our Skin Quencher supplements however we make sure they are formulated with ethically sourced, Naticol Marine Collagen.

As well as being vegan certified, we’re proud to announce our Super Greens are Soil Association Certified, the UK’s largest organic certification body working to support, collaborate and find solutions to build a better world. By being Soil Association Certified, it means our Super Greens has reached some of the highest testing standards to ensure they are organically farmed & sourced from only the most natural, wholesome ingredients.

In the Office

Being a sustainable company isn’t just about the products themselves, it is also the processes you follow and the way you work. That is why we have worked to make our offices environmentally friendly with renewable energy contracts, recycled paper and even ink that gets collected for recycling. Since the pandemic, many of the STW team work from home which, as a result, reduces overall transport.


The Future of Sustainability at Simone Thomas

It’s not just us, we know sustainability is important to our new and existing customers too, and we look forward to implementing lots more ways to reduce landfill and collaborate with customers to help look after the world around us.

There are always more sustainability improvements which can be made in a business and at home, and we are so excited for the journey that lies ahead of us, helping to increase sustainability practices and helping to promote a bright healthy future for us and our planet.


Join us on our journey to a more sustainable world