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Woman's healthy hair achieved with Ginkgo Biloba

Woman's healthy hair achieved with Ginkgo Biloba

The Science of Ginkgo Biloba

As an award-winning hair loss and nutrition consultant, over the years I have come to understand the integral role that our daily diet plays in the health of our hair, skin, scalp and general feeling of wellbeing.

“Inner health is reflected by your outer casing”, says Simone. To look and feel your best on the outside, you have to focus on restoring your health on the inside. 

Ginkgo biloba, or otherwise known as maidenhair, a tree native to China that has been used for thousands of years with various proven health benefits. The ingredient is incredibly beneficial towards improving hair health as it contains power antioxidants of flavonoids and terpenoids that nourish damaged hair follicles and cells in the scalp. Its antioxidant activity also provides protection from different types of toxins that can further damage the hair. 

With anti-inflammatory properties, it helps to support the healing of an inflamed scalp and weak hair follicles as well as anti-aging activity that can help prevent age-related hair loss, as well reduce inflammation found with other health conditions such as: 

  • Arthritis
  • Irritable Bowel Disease IBD/IBS 
  • Cancer
  • Heart Disease
  • Stroke

 By supplementing this powerful ingredient, it has research to show that ginkgo can improve mental performance, energy levels along with brain function and overall well-being helping to reduces signs of anxiety and depression as it supports the body's response to stress. Other benefits found from taking ginkgo supplements include: 

  • Supports healthy hair regrowth
  • Improves circulation and heart health
  • Reduces symptoms of psychiatric disorders and dementia
  • Improves brain function and well-being
  • Can reduce anxiety & depression
  • Can support vision and eye health
  • Can help flight inflammation

Discover more about the science behind Ginkgo Biloba and how it can be used for various conditions such as hair loss and brain health. Alternatively browse our Ginkgo Biloba supplements to start feeling the benefits. 


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