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Hair Loss from Menopause | Rosemary's Story

After noticing a rapid development in hair loss from menopause, Rosemary turned to Simone Thomas Wellness for help, where she was guided through the best supplements for her condition. Discover how we supported Rosemary, and the results she has noticed within just three months.

What causes hair loss during menopause?

Whilst you may be aware of some of the common changes in menopause such as hot flashes, mood swings and night sweats, what you might not know is that menopause and hair loss are strongly connected, with around 50% of women going through menopause suffering from hair loss or hair thinning by the age of 50.

Declining oestrogen levels can result in hair loss due to this hormone helping to maintain hair health. Therefore, hair follicles contain hair that is shorter, thinner and more likely to break as a result of a decreased oestrogen supply.

Whilst changes in hormone levels are a significant factor contributing to menopausal hair loss, it is important to note that stress, poor sleep and a lack of essential vitamins can also have a huge impact. With this in mind, treatment should stretch beyond just supplementation, and a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle should also be in place in order to keep the scalp healthy and reduce hair breakage.

Rosemary’s Story

Rosemary came to us after noticing an increase in the amount of hair that was falling out due to the menopause. She also commented that her hair seemed greasier. Hormonal imbalances lead to the over production of sebum and combined with the thinning of the hair, this can cause the hair to look greasy.

Whilst Rosemary was previously taking a collagen complex, vitamin C, B and probiotics, she found them to improve her general health, rather than improve the fall out of her hair. Therefore, we decided that the best hair loss treatment for Rosemary was our Ginkgo Hair Care Plan and SkinQuencher supplements.

Ginkgo Hair Care Plan to Restore Hair Growth

The Ginkgo Hair Care Plan, complete with Ginkgo Biloba B+, Everyday Wellness and Super Greens, is ideal for anyone experiencing menopause related hair loss.

Voted the No.1 Best Hair Loss Supplement by The Independent, the Ginkgo Biloba B+ supplement is packed with a nurturing combination of ginkgo biloba, vitamin B complex including folic acid, vitamin B12, botanicals and live cultures to reduce hair shedding and encourage healthy hair regrowth for women during menopause. In addition, the amino acids, vitamins and minerals present in ginkgo biloba extract work to nourish damaged hair follicles and cells in the scalp while also providing protection from various toxins that can further damage hair.

Your gut is the mothership of your body. Whilst most people don’t realise it, digestive health impacts every part of the body. If your gut is working well then you’re likely to feel great, but signs of poor gut health can show in our mood, lack of energy, hair and overall health. In fact, science has shown that more neurotransmitters are made in the gut than the brain! Therefore, also included in our 3-step plan is an Everyday Wellness supplement, a rich probiotic to support gut health, ideal for those that want to regain optimal health during this difficult phase of life.

The final supplement in this powerful bundle is our Super Greens, which is formulated with a blend of Puresea organic Hebridean seaweed, botanicals, green tea extract and spirulina to support an increased number of hair follicles and stimulate the production of collagen to promote long, thick and healthy hair. Unfortunately Rosemary was unable to take SuperGreens as she has an allergy to caffeine, and our supplement contains green tea extract, however, we recommend this supplement to anyone who may be experiencing menopausal hair loss.

SkinQuencher to Treat Hair Loss and Skin During Menopause

Not only can the menopause cause hair loss, but it can also reak havoc on your skin. Finding the right supplement support for the menopause can be a minefield, but by investing in natural, organic supplements expertly formulated and backed by science, you can ensure you’re providing your skin with the nutrients it needs to achieve that youthful glow from within.

Our SkinQuencher supplements contain a bespoke formulation of Peptan hydrolysed marine collagen and vitamin c to improve the condition and elasticity of the skin to reveal plumpness and a bright, radiant appearance. And the benefits don’t stop there! Vitamin C is one of the most effective nutrients to help grow and strengthen hair as it builds collagen, which is essential for hair growth - making SkinQuencher a necessity in Rosemary’s supplement plan.

The Results

After three months taking Simone Thomas Wellness supplements, we were delighted to hear that Rosemary had seen some great results and numerous physical changes!

Not only has she seen an improvement in the condition of her skin, but her hair loss and overall hair thinning has significantly improved. She is excited to continue her journey with us to prevent menopausal hair loss and improve her overall wellbeing through the menopause.

Beat the Menopause with Simone Thomas Wellness

As Rosemary has proven, there are effective treatment methods available to help alleviate the challenges of perimenopause and menopause and improve self-confidence and wellbeing along the way.

After two years in the making, we have developed a revolutionary product to stop perimenopause and menopause symptoms in their tracks. Our revolutionary new product 'Pause the Meno' which we describe as 'more than just a protein powder' has been expertly formulated using 3 highly powerful active ingredients Levagen®, Libifem ® and Actazin ® which have been clinically tested and combined with vitamins & minerals to minimise the negative effects & symptoms of menopause and promote a healthy and happy body during this complex phase of life. With our help, you can say goodbye to the stigma around menopause, and wave hello to a more fulfilled, happy and confident version of you!

Discover our Pause the Meno protein powder for menopause and begin your journey today.

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