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Apr 5, 2022

Transforming the life of Professional Boxer, Chris Billam Smith

Chris's Story

Discover how Simone Thomas Wellness has helped Chris Billam Smith to live a healthier lifestyle, and how it has impacted his journey to great boxing success across the UK. 

Chris Billam Smith, Professional Boxer and athlete, came to Simone Thomas Wellness to help with his overall body health. He has been taking SkinQuencher, hydrolysed marine collagen supplements, for over a year now. Collagen is an important protein to help keep injury free, with added Vitamin C to boost your immune system. The amount of stress his body undertakes whilst training for a fight, and whilst fighting, means that a boost is in order if he wants to stay at his peak. 

The addition of collagen supplements not only protects and strengthens your body, but also works to boost your immune system and to create a healthier gut. When your body is working against the clock and using up serious amount of energy, it is only normal that you get to a stage of depletion. With more fights coming up, the last thing Chris needs as an athlete is to get run down and sick, so thinking about full body health internally and externally is crucial.

Since the start of the program, Chris has seen how this small but essential addition to his wellness routine has improved and sustained his game. With two new wins keeping him in the top spot and healthier than ever, he is determined to keep up this routine that's leading him to great success across the UK. 



"This product has been very easy to consume and has given me great results that have helped me to keep performing at my best, with quick recovery, while feeling healthy. My skin has never been clearer. Due to my job as a professional boxer, I sweat a lot throughout the day, whilst also repeatedly having my face in contact with boxing equipment such as gloves and head-guards etc. This causes me to have constant outbreaks. Since taking SkinQuencher, my skin has never been better. I am also recovering quickly after workouts, enabling me to work out harder the next day." 

It has been so rewarding seeing the incredible progress that Chris has made, and I look forward to continuing to support him on his journey to better health, and watching him reap the benefits.

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