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A Day in the Life of Jessica Wright

A Day in the Life of Jessica Wright

Our brand ambassador and former TOWIE star, Jessica Wright, shares her daily wellness routine as she preps for her wedding day.

Preparing for your wedding is no small feat. From booking venues and photographers to inviting guests and ensuring your dress fits perfectly, planning a wedding is a carefully coordinated to-do list like no other.

Whilst it can be stressful, it is important that when the day arrives, as a bride you look and feel your best.  Most brides plan at least six months in advance by developing healthier eating habits, increasing their activity levels, and taking extra care of their hair, skin, nails, and mind.

Jessica Wright discovered Simone Thomas Wellness as she was researching ways to achieve her optimum health and beauty, ahead of her September wedding. After a consultation with Simone Jess adopted a new wellness regime that includes changes to her diet, lifestyle, and supplementation.


Jessica Wright’s diet

The foundation for good health is good nutrition. For things to look good on the outside, they have got to be great within. As well as following a balanced diet, rich in wholefoods, protein and fresh vegetables and fruit, Jess has also increased her consumption of certain foods to deliver specific nutritional benefits.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A plays a key role in tackling skin conditions, such as psoriasis, which Jess has suffered from for many years. A powerful antioxidant, vitamin A helps to neutralise any free radicals that destroy collagen production and damage skin health, helping to maintain skin elasticity and youthfulness.

Sources of vitamin A that Jess is adding to her diet include carrots, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps to regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in your body. These nutrients are needed to keep bones, teeth, and muscles healthy. They also strengthen your nails, reducing the risk of nail peeling and chipping. Jess has increased her vitamin D intake by eating more fish, such as herring, mackerel, salmon, and tuna - and by getting out in the sunshine as much as possible!


To help regulate her blood pressure and provide added benefits for her skin, Jess has increased her omega-3 intake by consuming more oily fish, such as salmon. Great plant-based sources of omega-3 include walnuts, flaxseed, hemp, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds.

Foods Jess is avoiding

To prevent inflammation and any recurrence of her psoriasis, Jess is avoiding animal fats and fried food, as these can block the formation of anti-inflammatory prostaglandins. Jess is also avoiding coffee, gluten, dairy, soy and all fizzy drinks and diet drinks.

Supplements Jessica Wright is taking

Jess has suffered from regular flare ups of psoriasis as well as thin hair and nails that break easily. Her energy levels have also not always been as high as she would like, stress has often disturbed her sleep cycle.

Following the events of 2020, many of us have felt our stress levels increase with some of us experiencing disturbed sleep and gut issues, contributing to overall exhaustion and deflation. Good nutrition is vital in caring for your body to alleviate stress, as Jess found out when she discovered Simone Thomas Wellness to help her hair and beauty.

Ahead of her wedding day, to supplement her current diet, Jess is taking…

Biotin Brilliance to encourage healthy hair growth, leading to thicker, stronger, shinier hair. Biotin also helps with improving Jess’s skin, supporting, and protecting it from issues such as her psoriasis.

Super Greens to promote a healthy immune system and support Jess’s metabolism. Super Greens works to reduce acidity in the body, preventing inflammation.

Everyday Wellness to support good gut bacteria, reducing digestive issues and promoting a healthy gut. Taking care of your gut is closely linked to reducing stress as your gut sends signals to your brain, regulating your emotions and mood.

SkinQuencher to support collagen production in Jess’s skin, improving skin conditions and helping her maintain plump, youthful skin.

Biotin Brilliance, Super Greens and Everyday Wellness can also be found within our Biotin Hair Care Plan. Discover how to Simone Thomas Wellness supplements can benefit you by browsing our Shop by Need section in our menu bar.

Jessica Wright’s favourite self-care

To help reduce stress as she prepares for her wedding, Jess has also incorporated self-care practices into her daily routine.

  1. Taking Epsom Salt baths to detox, rejuvenate her skin and relax
  2. Showing herself self-love with pampering spa treatments and massages
  3. Connecting to her body through gentle exercise like Pilates and walks in nature
  4. Spending extra time with loved ones

If you’re planning your wedding and you would like to improve your health and wellness before your big day, Simone Thomas Wellness is here to help. Discover our top tips for the perfect pre-wedding skincare regimen.


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