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Healthy Hair, Happy Body (Already a best-seller on Amazon!)

Healthy Hair, Happy Body (Already a best-seller on Amazon!)

A Q&A with our founder, Simone Thomas, about her new Amazon Best Seller, Healthy Hair, Happy Body.

Simone Thomas Wellness was founded four years ago to help people across the world recover their hair, skin, and overall health from the inside out. Now, after publishing her first book, our founder Simone Thomas shares her inspirations and hopes for her new Amazon Best Seller: Healthy Hair, Happy Body.

The Making of Healthy Hair, Happy Body: Q&A with Simone Thomas

What inspired you to write Healthy Hair, Happy Body?

The book was inspired by many of my life and health experiences, most importantly finding out I was pregnant with my first son. Having suffered from endometriosis and other health issues, it was incredible that I was able to have “my miracle baby”, as I’ve always called him. When I looked back, I knew nutrition, exercise and my day-to-day lifestyle had a huge part to play in that.

Other personal events were also a driving force behind the book, from my second son being unwell after birth to the boys’ father having issues with an old brain tumour. I was also hugely inspired by my clients whose stories of what they’ve gone through with cancer, loss of loved ones, eating disorders and other health conditions showed so much strength. The list of conditions and illness I’ve seen over the years is endless, and I wanted to do something to give everyone a great foundation for making positive changes.

What topics will readers discover in the book - which chapter do you think is most important?

It must be the chapter on the gut, aka “The Mothership”, as I like to call it. With this chapter, I wanted to highlight the core of what we mean when we say wellness starts within. Your gut is your powerhouse. What we put into our bodies daily can have a positive or negative effect on us because of how it affects the gut. Everything from how we feel, to how we perform, to how well our body looks after us for the long-term begins here.

The section on hair is actually very small, and this is on purpose. Hair isn’t a vital organ, which means when we’re sick or lacking nutrients, our immune systems don’t prioritise it and its health suffers. If we understand how we can nourish our bodies well enough that our hair and skin flourish, then we will all be on a much better journey to wellbeing.

What did you learn as you were writing the book - about yourself, your business and wellness in general?

Whilst I write a lot of articles weekly, writing a complete book was a whole new experience.

Because I started the book several years ago, I had to revisit it as things changed in the world and in my outlook as well.

For example, veganism was not talked about much when I had the idea for the book six years ago, however it’s become important in the last three years, and I had to include this. I’ve really enjoyed writing and hope to create a series of books, which I am already planning based on topics such as male health, female health, and hormones.

Putting pen to paper was also a very therapeutic experience. It was a great release, one I found I benefited from emotionally.

What do you hope the book will help people to achieve?

I hope the book will guide readers so that they don't feel overwhelmed when it comes to understanding their bodies and their health.

If I can get people to pause and think so that they can make changes in whatever they are struggling with, such as water intake, poor food choices or not feeling their best, then I will be extremely proud.

I hope Healthy Hair, Happy Body helps people see wellness from a wider perspective, giving readers the tools to improve their lives in every way possible.

Where can readers purchase your book?

My book is stocked on our website and on Amazon, where it’s in three of Amazon’s Best Seller categories.

We launched the book on Amazon on the 23rd August and to my absolute delight, the book reached the rank of 770th in all books on Amazon, and achieved Number 1 bestseller rank in two categories – ‘Hair Styling’ and ‘Organic Food’- as well as reaching number 2 in ‘Hair Loss’.

It’s truly a dream come true! I’m aiming high and hope to see it on the shelves of bookstores very soon. It’s already been an incredible first week with so many amazing comments and reviews coming in. I’ve really loved seeing everyone’s pictures and selfies. Over the coming months, I hope to see it up and down bookshelves across the world, educating and inspiring people from all walks of life to give themselves the wellness they deserve.

Happy reading lovelies! X

For every sale of Healthy Hair, Happy Body £1.00, will go to MNDA Motor Neurone Disease Association, in memory of Simone’s mother, Veronica.

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