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Jessica Wright with Simone Thomas Wellness supplements and a healthy drink

How Jessica Wright Improved Her Health with Simone Thomas Wellness Supplements

“Simone Thomas Wellness is a one-stop-shop for health and wellbeing. For a woman of my age, it ticks all the boxes and Simone has helped me so much on my wellness journey. I am pleased to be working with her because I trust her advice”

Simone Thomas has inspired thousands of men and women over the years to transform their health and wellness so they can look and feel their best. Simone Thomas Wellness first originated when Simone herself had to regain her health after dealing with several health-related issues from an early age. As a result, she has spent years understanding the important role that diet and nutrition plays in the condition of your hair, skin and overall health, and now as a bioenergetics practitioner, she has a particular interest in supplementation, gut health and recommends following a nutrient-rich diet to help others feel their best.

Simone’s expertise and reputation has attracted the likes of famous personalities including popular English television star, Jessica Wright, whose passion is for health and wellbeing. With more than 1.4 million followers on social media, the former Only Way Is Essex star turned entrepreneur, strives to go beyond relying on quick fixes to improve her health and instead wants to focus on restoring her health from the inside out, for lasting results. Jessica Wright has partnered with Simone Thomas Wellness as she truly believes the award-winning supplements have helped her feel her best in the lead up to her wedding. Keep reading to find out how Jess transformed her health with tried and tested supplements.

Why Jess Chose Simone Thomas Wellness Supplements

Jessica Wright openly shares the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and how important working on your health from the inside out is to feeling happy, healthy and the best version of yourself. Soon to be married, Jess wanted to be in peak health physically and mentally for her September wedding in Majorca. After meeting Simone to discuss her wellness journey, Simone recommended incorporating the expertly formulated supplements into her daily routine and making a few tweaks to her diet, since then she’s been able to transform her health and confidence and even become the face of Simone Thomas Wellness. 


Jessica Wright smiling after taking Simone Thomas Wellness supplements

How Jess’ Health Has Transformed Since Using the Supplements

Jess says: “Wellness is more important to me than ever because I’m getting married this year. Just like every bride when it comes up to their wedding, I want to look my best when I walk down the aisle. For me, it's about staying trim but also looking and feeling healthy, having glowing skin and my psoriasis under control.

I have always really struggled with my nails; I have psoriasis on my skin, and I’ve never had the thickest of hair. But I’ve noticed such a difference since I’ve started taking the Simone Thomas Wellness plan. There have been some amazing changes. My nails have started growing for the first time and they are now strong which had never happened before, and my hair is now as thick as ever. My energy levels have improved so much, and I’ve also noticed such a difference since taking the tablets in the past year.

As well as the benefits I've seen for my skin and hair, the products are also to improve your gut health and overall wellbeing. The proof is in the pudding, they work really well.

At my age of 35, it is important to have a range of multivitamins, minerals and botanicals to ensure that I am covering all bases and these vitamins do that for me and are my ‘go-to’ choice.”


“Biotin for the hair, SkinQuencher for my skin. They’ve changed my life. To look good on the outside – things have got to be great within. I’ve never felt better. I also feel I’m looking more youthful!”


Confidence & Health Boost

Jess shares how working with Simone and utilising the Simone Thomas Wellness supplements has transformed her mental health and overall confidence. 

“Simone has done some amazing things in beauty and wellness, and I'm really pleased to work with her because I trust her.”

Jessica Wright happy after just using Biotin Brilliance supplements

Jess Wright’s Simone Thomas Wellness Plan

As a leading nutrition and hair loss consultant, and bioenergetics practitioner, Simone personally researched, developed, trialled and tested her products to ensure they offer a multitude of scientifically proven health benefits and contain 100% organic ingredients, as well as being vegan certified. Jess has incorporated STW products into her daily routine, alongside a nutrition-rich diet and active lifestyle, to ensure she promotes optimal health in her skin, nails, hair, and wellness overall. 

Jess takes the Simone Thomas Wellness Biotin Brilliance three-step plan which consists of three main products:

Alongside the marine collagen & vitamin C, SkinQuencher supplement for skin.

Biotin for Hair Growth

Biotin is part of the vitamin B group and is popularly known to help rejuvenate hair growth by fuelling your body with the right nutrients to encourage healthy hair and wellbeing. It specifically targets scalp irritation and boosts the flow of blood to the scalp encouraging healthy hair growth.

Biotin Brilliance from Simone Thomas Wellness

STW’s Biotin Brilliance supplement is carefully formulated to provide your hair with vitamins, minerals, botanicals, live cultures and more to aid hair growth, as well as radiant skin and improved wellbeing.

Find out more about our Biotin Brilliance hair supplement and how it can transform your hair & skin and maintain peak condition for lasting results.

Super Greens for Immunity

Modern diets can lead to an imbalance in the body’s pH level, often resulting in a dry, itchy scalp and dull lifeless hair (among countless other physical problems). Regular use helps support the optimum acid-alkaline balance in the body, maintaining healthy skin and hair and promoting healthy circulation, immune function, and metabolism.

The Super Green supplements are a powerful combination of alkalising, cleansing and detoxifying ingredients, along with 100% organic natural superfoods and are loaded with botanicals such as green tea leaf, spirulina, artichoke, and chlorella, among others. The Super Green capsules are also Soil Association Certified. 

Discover how our Simone Thomas Wellness super greens supplement can boost your immunity and support your gut health.

Everyday Wellness | Natural Supplement for Gut Health

A super strength, vegan certified probiotic supplement, Everyday Wellbeing contains 6 types of probiotics to help support friendly bacteria levels and promote a healthy gut. This enables the body to function at its optimum level, fighting environmental damage, reducing inflammation, and enhancing nutrient absorption, leading to an improvement in the health of your hair, scalp, gut health and general wellbeing.

Poor digestion can affect our mood and how confident we feel on a daily basis. Find out more about Everyday Wellness, our probiotic gut health supplements to achieve optimal gut health and digestion so you can start feeling great.

Marine Collagen to Aid Glowing Skin

Our bodies naturally produce collagen however, collagen levels drop as we age. Collagen is vital in maintaining skin's elasticity, texture and minimising the appearance of wrinkles and ageing skin, therefore, supplementing marine collagen alongside a healthy, balanced diet will help to improve and maintain the skin in peak condition, and prevent visible signs of ageing to reveal youthful, glowing skin.

Read more about the science behind marine collagen and how taking marine collagen for skin can reveal a youthful and radiant complexion.   

SkinQuencher | Marine Collagen Supplements for Skin

The SkinQuencher is packed full of vitamin C, helping to support your immune system and maintain your health. Marine collagen helps to develop and repair body tissue, enhancing your exercise performance and recovery time. The marine collagen also works to leave your skin looking vibrant and refreshed as well as feeling plumper and moisturised. Simone Thomas Wellness source marine collagen from fish which may have been discarded as a by-product of the huge fishing industry, therefore making it a more sustainable, environmentally friendly source of collage.

Discover more about our award-winning collagen supplements, SkinQuencher.

“This is a big time in my life. I am settling down and want to have children soon. I feel like my body should be in the best place it possibly can be. I’ll never stop taking Simone’s wellness plans”


Jess’s Daily Routine Using the Simone Thomas Wellness Supplements

“I take two SkinQuencher capsules at night. If I have an event or photoshoot, I will take another two in the morning to give my immune system a boost and to hydrate my skin.”

During the day, I am on the three-step Biotin Plan. I take two Everyday Wellness pills - which are live culture probiotics - first thing in the morning, with a glass of cold water.

I take the Super Greens with breakfast or just after. You can decant them into a morning smoothie too which I love to do, and William, my fiancé has started to use them too.

Then I take one Biotin Brilliance for my hair, skin and nails which is great for psoriasis.”

Jessica Wright smiling in the kitchen with her Simone Thomas Wellness supplement range


What Simone Thomas Says:

“Jessica is your gorgeous, kind and relatable girl next door. She has her big day coming up and wants to look and feel her best. Inner health is reflected by your outer casing. In order to be effective, however, the Simone Thomas Wellness supplements should be used in conjunction with a balanced diet.

Our life is made up of moments in time but it’s important we prepare for them to ensure we are in top form through health, wellness, lifestyle, exercise and mindset to truly celebrate! Jess has been suffering from a psoriasis flare-up again from the stress of the wedding and the loss of a loved one. The stress of such a huge change to our way of life can have a huge effect on our skin, hair and overall wellbeing. 

If Jess is having a treat day or weekend with alcohol, coffee or sugary treats then Jess would double up and take two Super Greens and two Everyday Wellbeing probiotics as this will help flush the body and reduce inflammation in the body which can affect the skin, hair and also increase emotional and physical stress in the body due to the mind and gut connection.

When you are working on changes from within all your pillars of health, wellness and mindset need to be looked at and worked on.”


Browse Jessica’s Simone Thomas Wellness Edit to Improve Overall Health & Confidence

Looking to improve your health? Whether that’s ahead of your big day, a special occasion or you just want to feel your best, now is the time to put your health first. Achieve glowing skin, beautiful, shiny hair and optimal health just like Jess, by browsing the complete Jessica Wright x Simone Thomas Wellness supplement plan. Shop the Biotin 3-step plan & the SkinQuencher and get 10% off with the code JESS10 to start your wellness journey today.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for support on how you can transform your hair, skin, nails and achieve optimal health with Simone Thomas Wellness, browse our full range of natural supplements.

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