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How to be a conscious consumer

How to be a conscious consumer


As many of us may know, the COP26 conference for government discussions on tackling Climate Change ended on the 12th of November.

With the end to such a momentous event, many of us have been left asking - how can we individually reduce global warming?

Your purchases mean that you have enormous power to protect the planet!

Small changes have a momentous effect not only on your personal carbon footprint but could inspire those around you to make a change.

As Anne-Marie Bonneau, the ‘Zero-waste chef’ said:

‘We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.’


Many of us don’t know how much environmentally damaging waste is created just by tapping our card at checkout.

November is the month of both Christmas shopping and Black Friday sales.

One in ten Christmas presents ends up in the landfill, and Black Friday affects the environment too. Great deals lead to unnecessary purchases and returns, which rarely get resold but instead become waste. What is more, reduced prices are often only possible due to unsustainable and cheaply made products that have short shelf lives.

Plastic- the major component of so much of our purchasing - goes straight to the ocean, with estimates at around 100,000 tonnes of plastic sitting on our surface waters alone.


Most of us try to re-use and re-purpose what we buy, but sometimes we just have to buy new.

We can still make a difference with the techniques below!

Buy local

Air travel, in particular, is responsible for 2.4% of global CO2 emissions.  Buy local and avoid wasteful travel for your products to reach you!

Buy sustainably

The Soil Association certification can ensure that your items are made in a sustainable way!

Buying vegetarian or vegan products also cuts out the high carbon emissions of the meat and dairy industries.

However, when you are finished with a product, it will still become waste unless you choose a recyclable option. Thankfully, it has been proven that as much as 80% of the things we throw away could be recycled!

Buy only what you need

Black Friday and Christmas shopping can sometimes make us feel like we need to buy a lot to make our loved ones feel appreciated, but one heartfelt gift is worth many!

Perhaps instead of buying extra presents, you could make a delicious addition to the Christmas festivities.

Our cheeseboard recipe with homemade spiced pear chutney is not only vegetarian, reducing your environmental impact, but it is easy-to-make and truly decadent!

Sustainability is very important to us, and as the need to look at ways we can help the environment grows, it is never too late to make a small change.

Thinking about these points when we purchase will not only quiet our eco-anxiety, but lead to greater inner wellbeing as buying better also leads to better wellbeing - we can’t help but focus on what really matters.


Our award-winning Super Greens supplement is Soil Association certified for sustainability, and our packaging and products are recyclable, dairy-free and vegan. We are also promoting our products on Sale to help reduce further landfill waste!

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