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Life Life Well podcast - EP 3: Treating hair loss through bioenergetics, health and nutrition with Simone Thomas

EP 3: Treating hair loss through bioenergetics, health and nutrition with Simone Thomas

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Episode show notes

Any one of us can suffer with hair loss. When the body is under stress, whether from illness, bereavement or trauma it’s one of the first things the body let’s go of because it is not a vital function. But the mental side can be damaging for the person affected.

In this episode, I chat through my own experiences with hair loss, and how we work use bioenergetics at Simone Thomas Wellness to identify your triggers and support the body coming back together piece by piece.

This episode of Living Life Well covers:

• Hair loss triggers
• Bioenergetics
• Rebuilding a better you
• Daily wellness routines
• Diversity in nutrition
• Adapting with age

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Episode highlights

“Upstairs is purely dedicated to nutrition, wellness, bioenergetics, homoeopathy, and tricology. And it's up there, where we definitely change lives on a daily basis.” Simone Thomas - 1.14

“Any one of us can suffer with hair loss and anything can trigger hair loss. It's not just because of cancer or chemo or radiotherapy. It could be because of medication, it could be because of stress and trauma. It could be food, it could be allergy, it could be shock, you know, sometimes like bereavement, injuries, accidents, mould, bacteria, there are so many causes as to why your hair cycle would become disrupted.” Simone Thomas - 1.57

“The body is very clever in that it's a bit like a ball that's really, really tight that your body just can hold on to everything because you're just stressed and you know, nothing wants to change. But the minute you actually take a breath and think "phew I'm okay, I'm going to get through this", the body then starts to go all over the place, hormones, imbalances, and then you get disrupted hair cycles, you get hair loss, hair, shredding, so it's about of looking at what someone has gone through.” Simone Thomas - 3:11

“And because hair is not a vital organ, when your body is running on empty your hair is one of the first things to kind of go, whether that's complete hair loss, you know, patches or just disrupted hair growth cycle.” Simone Thomas - 4:20

“We don't ever take a step back and actually listen to our body. You never lie there on the floor for a few hours and think actually what pains have I got? What doesn't feel quite right? And if you suffer with inflammation in the stomach, you know go “Well I do suffer with IBS, it's because I had pizza last night” but nobody should have to suffer.” Simone Thomas - 6:51

“Our bodies are like maps. They hold on to everything, the good, the bad, the ugly, the physical, the non physical. And we're very, very clever nowadays at just masking over, especially some of the bad stuff, but your body doesn't forget.” Simone Thomas - 11:43

“When we're looking at hair loss, it's like "okay, I get the hair loss picture, but let's see what your body's gone through and then let's flush that out. Let's get rid of the bad, let's have a cry and let's rebuild a better you." And that does come from food. It does come from exercise. It does come from routine.” Simone Thomas - 12:29

“Your stomach needs an array of good and bad bacteria. It needs different vitamins, it needs different minerals, your hair, your skin, your organs, everything does and there's a saying, “you have to nourish to flourish” and it's very true, but don't have the same things every day.” Simone Thomas - 14:10

“A lot of us now live in a world where you see on social media, "get these amazing abs in 14 days" or "loose two stone with these teas." It's not going to work, but a lot of us are very lazy. We just want these quick fixes and lifestyle changes are for life and are forever. You've got to work on yourself daily. It's not a quick fix, and we change as we get older.” Simone Thomas - 15:38

“I know when anyone's poorly with hair loss, skin condition, stomach issues, it is your diet and lifestyle. And that's what you have to work on. It's not about getting a prescription drug over the counter because it's a bandaid, it's not going to go away, you're just masking. So you really need to kind of work on what's going on internally.” Simone Thomas - 17:05

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