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Simone Thomas Wellness Living Life Well Podcast Episode 6

EP 6: Adopting healthier habits and routines as an entrepreneur with award-winning beauty business coach Hollie Power, Co-Founder of Salonology

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Episode show notes

Hollie Power & Simone Thomas met when they were both nominated for the same entrepreneurship award. Since then, their friendship has flourished through both being Spa and Salon owner and understanding managing a hectic life as business women.

In this episode of Living Life Well, Hollie delves into her entrepreneurial journey, having recently sold her successful spa and beauty company this year and launching Salonology with her husband Ryan, mentoring beauty and hair salons to grow and flourish.

She also opens up about how her busy lifestyle has affected her health in the past, and how the pandemic and lockdown helped her to reassess and adopt healthier habits going forward.

This episode of Living Life Well covers:

• Health and wellbeing with a busy lifestyle
• Scheduling techniques and daily routines
• The effect of lockdown on the beauty industry
• Selling a business
• Healthier habits during the pandemic
• Anxiety and self-confidence
• Building a support network

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Hollie Power


The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

Episode highlights

“Having a friend who gets you and understands you when you have a business and you have a hectic life is essential. You need those people around you who you can trust and are cheering you on.” Hollie Power - 4:45

“In my 20’s I didn’t really know what I wanted to do and I bounced around the world. But the travelling had a massive impact on my health from living in hotels and airports and I developed stress induced acne and became overweight.” Hollie Power - 5:30

“When you’re employed by somebody, you’ve got to follow someone else’s rules. And I’ve just never been a particularly good rule follower! I like to make my own path.” Hollie Power - 8:35

“As lockdown went into play we knew the salon industry would suffer, because a lot of people do live month to month with salons and we knew it would be a tough time for people so thought how can we help?” Hollie Power - 12:52

“I wasn’t moving forward because there simply wasn’t time, unless it was an essential task. So I made the decision to start getting up at 5am, and be at my desktop by 6am and do an hour of writing for myself. So no matter what happens in the day, and if I get knocked off course, I‘ve always done that hour and know I’ve already been productive.” Hollie power - 15:03

“One thing I’ve said to everybody consistently across all of lockdown is that it’s not an ideal situation, but you want to look back at this time where you tell your kids and grandkids that you went through a lockdown process and you came out with something positive.” Hollie Power - 18:30

“Lockdown has given me the chance to reflect on how I feel after selling my business, because that was a big change. It was 11 years of my life, it consumed me, and I never really got to say goodbye to it.” Hollie Power - 22:42

“I started leaving a voice message on WhatsApp for my parents every morning. So it's now their habit that they wake up in the morning, they get a cup of tea, and they lay in bed and listen to my message. So that's something I didn't do before. And it's those extra connections  that we refined during this time.” Hollie Power - 29:08

“I hope a lot of us do come out feeling healthier, more alive, execute that business plan they’ve always wanted to do, and not be scared” Simone Thomas - 35:01 

“Travel and go and do the things your heart wants to do.” Hollie Power - 45:04

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