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How Simone Thomas Wellness Helped Gosia Get Wedding-Ready

How Simone Thomas Wellness Supplements Helped Gosia Get Wedding-Ready


“I will definitely be taking these supplements over the long-term to see what other amazing benefits they can bring” 

Nothing is as special as walking down the aisle on your Wedding Day, but poor health and low confidence can make what should be the best day of your life, a stressful one.  With her wedding just months away, Gosia reached out to Simone Thomas Wellness to help her get her lifestyle on track and feeling wedding ready.


Gosia’s Symptoms

Like many parents, Gosia’s life can be hectic from juggling her full-time job to looking after her children. Gosia had, over time, stopped prioritising herself as much as she should, which took its toll on her overall health and wellbeing, leaving her feeling run down and with low confidence. With her wedding round the corner Gosia’s exact words to Simone Thomas Wellness were ‘I want to glow.’  Keep reading to find out how we helped her achieve that pre-wedding glow!  

Sparse Hair

One of the key areas we focused our efforts on was Gosia’s hair, after she told us during our consultation this was one of her main concerns leading up to the wedding. She had naturally fine, sparse hair, that fell out in large amounts when stressed. With damage-prone hair, it came to a point where it couldn’t even be dyed professionally using ammonia-free products as it would lead to more fall out or even worse, patches, naturally making her feel very self-conscious.


Breakouts & Improving Skin Complexion

The second area of focus, like for many bride-to-be’s is skin. Every bride wants glowing skin on their wedding day so we knew this was another focus area. Gosia told us in the past, other supplements have made her skin worse before seeing any sort of improvements, which isn’t really what you want. However, bearing this in mind she prepared herself for the inevitable breakouts that may occur in her skin-type. – until now! 



With Gosia’s key symptoms in mind, we recommended she begin the Biotin Wellness Plan.  This supplement plans combines 3  expertly formulated supplements to improve the condition of your hair, boost your immune system and support the friendly bacteria in your gut, helping to achieve that all round ‘glow’ from the inside, out!

Here’s more about the Supplements Gosia is taking:

Biotin Brilliance – Vegan Certified

These high-dose biotin tablets work to encourage healthy hair, radiant skin and improved wellbeing so you can look and feel your best.  Gosia incorporated these into her daily routine through 1 tablet per day on an empty stomach with water.

SuperGreens – Vegan & Soil Association Certified

SuperGreens is an expertly formulated supplement containing a blend of Puresea organic Hebridean seaweed and botanicals, which help to support healthy hair, skin, promote a healthy immune system and detoxify. Gosia took 2 capsules of SuperGreens each morning on an empty stomach with water.

Gosia says of SuperGreens "I’ve come to enjoy the spicy flavour of SuperGreens. I know they are doing wonders for my health and that helps me remember to take them every morning.”


Everyday Wellness – Vegan Certified

Everyday Wellness is a super strength probiotic supplement containing 6 types of probiotics to help support friendly bacteria levels and promote a healthy gut. Gosia takes 2 capsules on an empty stomach with water every morning.

Gosia says of Everyday Wellness “Whilst the Everyday Wellness supplements don’t carry much flavour, it just makes me crave foods like pickles and sauerkraut, and everything else that promotes a healthy gut.”



Now, just 2 months into the recommended supplement plan, Gosia is already noticing incredible changes.

Healthy Hair

“In such a short time, I’m already starting to see changes. Not only has my hair been falling out less, but I’ve found it to be shinier at the roots and easier to style. I will not go as far as to dye or braid it yet, which could cause further damage, but I can already see its natural beauty starting to come out, helping me with self-acceptance and actively making me want to go out and socialise more often.”

Naturally, Gosia’s hair can take a while to grow, but already she has noticed a huge reduction in the amount of hair that is falling out and has every faith there will be lots more growth soon!

Clear Skin

Gosia has also been reaping the benefits of great skin. She hasn’t experienced any acne or breakouts within the 2-month period of taking the supplements, minus some spots when she forgot to remove her makeup one night (we’ve all been there!). Unlike with other supplements she has tried previously, her skin would get worse before getting better, but STW SkinQuencher capsules were different.  This is because the Biotin Wellness Plan doesn’t just remineralise the skin but also targets your health from within, by fixing deeper imbalances, such as those in your gut helping to improve overall complexion.

A Healthy Weight

Whilst it wasn’t something she was actively looking at ahead of the wedding, Gosia has noticed that her weight has been going down. She credits SuperGreens and Everyday Wellness for this, because as much as she makes a conscious effort to improve her diet by eating high-fibre foods, , her busy lifestyle has meant she hasn’t always been as consistent as she’d like. The great combination of taking Super Greens and Everyday Wellness is that they are packed with leafy greens to give you a hit of antioxidants but also billions of live cultures from the Everyday Wellness which will feed your gut with friendly bacteria that will keep your digestion run smoothly and therefore less likely to see the up and down bouts of hunger that occur from an imbalanced gut. After 2 months, from a BMI of 24.8, where 25 is considered overweight, her BMI is now down to 23.2. She now feels a lot more confident in herself and body and can’t wait to step out in her wedding dress come September.


Gosia’s Thoughts on the STW Supplement Plan

“To say I’m happier now than with other treatments I have tried before is an understatement. If only I could be more consistent with my diet, I know I’d be making ever greater strides. Life is always so busy, but I will keep trying. I will definitely be taking these supplements over the long-term to see what other amazing benefits they can bring. Thank you, Simone!”


Achieve the Pre-Wedding Glow with Simone Thomas Wellness

Your Wedding day is naturally one of the happiest days of your life and wouldn’t you want to feel your most confident on that day?  Speak to our expert team at Simone Thomas Wellness to find out how we can help you improve your wellbeing, skin, hair and and ultimately your confidence, for your big day.

Discover our helpful guides for the ultimate pre-wedding hair care routine and how to plan your bridal skincare regime.


More Customer Reviews


I’ve been taking the Biotin Wellness Plan for a month now and I’ve already noticed a difference in my hair. It’s more shiny, healthy looking and has grown an inch since taking these. My hair feels so much thicker and not falling out as much as it used too.” – Anjela

“I have been taking Everyday Wellness, SuperGreens and Biotin Brilliance for the last 30 days and have felt a true difference in my body by just commiting to taking these 3 supplements a day. My hair feels stronger, nails are growing, and gut health is at its best.” – Nikki

Read more reviews on our Trustpilot. 

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