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The Science of Pause the Meno

Our revolutionary ‘more than just a protein powder’ contains three highly powerful ingredients, proven to minimise the negative effects of menopause, whilst providing the body with a source of complete vegan protein, improving wellbeing and self-confidence. 

Whilst women have been going through perimenopause and menopause for decades, this complex stage of womanhood continues to remain difficult to treat. It is only in recent years that the world has accepted more open and honest communication about this once ‘taboo’ subject.

As someone who has openly suffered with endometriosis and more recently symptoms of perimenopause, I made it my mission to formulate a product which tackles some of the most isolating, misunderstood symptoms – head on. Anyone suffering from endometriosis too, will understand the pain, discomfort and irregularity in periods that can come alongside it, I wanted to make it my mission to develop a product with scientifically proven ingredients to help manage these symptoms, as well as menopause, PMS & PCOS.

Introducing, Pause the Meno. 

Our revolutionary ‘more than just a protein powder’ contains three highly powerful ingredients, proven to minimise the negative effects of menopause, whilst providing the body with a source of complete vegan protein, improving wellbeing and self-confidence. 

The science behind the ingredients

Discover what makes the combination of these 3 ingredients so powerful.


Libifem is a standardised fenugreek extract which contains saponins to support healthy levels of estradiol in women and has been clinically proven to support sexual health and lessen symptoms of the menopause. With over 40% of menopausal women experiencing a loss of libido, Libifem plays a key role in Pause the Meno, with clinical trials backing its efficacy and showing it to significantly increase sexual arousal and desire in women.

Helping to promote healthy female sexual desire, Libifem extract within Pause the Meno may also benefit women suffering with other conditions that affect sex drive such as PCOS.

Another trial demonstrated Libifem’s excellent ability to reduce negative effects of the menopause such as hot flushes, night sweats and day to day sweating. 


A prominent ingredient in Pause the Meno, Levagen is an all-in-one ingredient and high quality Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) that has been clinically proven to support joint health, pain, sports recovery, and sleep.

What is PEA?

PEA is a fatty acid amide molecule that is naturally found in the body and other food sources such as egg yolks and peanuts. It is often used to bind cells in the body to reduce swelling and pain. It has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties to help lessen symptoms of pain.

Commonly associated with the menopause, women can be more susceptible to osteoarthritis (particularly in the hands) and rheumatoid arthritis. Menopause-related joint pain is increasingly recognised as a common symptom during this stage of life, affecting more than 40% of women. Levagen provides support for those with mild to moderate osteoarthritis by: 

  • Supporting joint function
  • Reducing joint stiffness
  • Providing joint comfort

Another factor that can vastly effect quality of life is menstrual pain. From restricting daily activity to affecting sleep patterns, it was important for us that Pause the Meno lessen the impact of menstrual pain on the body. With Levagen scientifically proven to be just as effective as ibuprofen for pain, our revolutionary formula tackles menstrual pain head on.   


Made from non-GMO New Zealand Hayward kiwifruit, Actazin is a scientifically proven ingredient that reaps extensive benefits to digestion and bowel regularity. A natural source of fibre, enzymes and polyphenols, Actazin works to improve bowel function, whilst taking a more gentle approach than harsh laxatives, and providing your digestive system with the nutrients it needs for regularity.

As a result of declining hormone levels oestrogen and progesterone, constipation is common in postmenopausal women and Actazin can help to ease the sensation of an overfull stomach whilst protecting your wellbeing.

Other ingredients in pause the meno include:

Vitamin D3 (Vita-algae D):

  • Helps to regulate mood and tackle symptoms of anxiety & depression
  • Increased immunity
  • Reduce swelling and inflammation in the body
  • Strengthen & provide recovery for bones and muscles

Vitamin E:

  • Powerful antioxidant properties
  • Reduces risk of oxidative stress, anxiety and depression
  • Eases the discomfort of night sweats and hot flushes
  • 12mg per serving 

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride):

  • Increases energy levels and reduces tiredness
  • Regulates hormone activity to improve mood stability
  • Promotes a healthy metabolism which can assist in weight management
  • 4 mg per serving

Lessen symptoms of PMS, PCOS & Endometriosis

Not only will Pause the Meno lessen symptoms and discomfort caused by perimenopause and menopause, but it will also improve everyday symptoms for women experiencing PCOS, endometriosis and PMS. Hormones are the common component for all of these female health conditions and with the carefully selected ingredients in our vegan protein powder they’ll work to make your symptoms more manageable so you can get back to feeling good!  

Why protein powder?

We have packed our carefully formulated ingredients into a protein powder as this allows for a delicious, nutritious and versatile approach to supplementing. Pause the Meno can be enjoyed on the go, incorporated into your favourite recipes and enjoyed using water, milk or milk alternative of your choice. You’ll never get bored of this chocolate flavour protein drink!

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Contains Libifem, Levagen, Actazin, Vitamin E & Vitamin D3.


Minimises the negative effects of menopause, whilst providing the body with a source of complete protein, improving wellbeing and self-confidence.

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