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Lady pulling hair out of her brush, suffering from hair loss

Treating Hair Loss from Within: Tamara & Paula’s Transformation

The stories of two real women making remarkable progress in their hair loss and wellness journeys with Simone Thomas.

Since the inception of Simone Thomas Wellness, I have always worked closely with clients to help them achieve full-body health whilst restoring their confidence in the process. I do this by creating tailored programmes that focus on creating healthy lifestyle choices and habits.

Time and time again, I have seen that simply implementing small changes into our diets and taking the correct supplementation can have a huge impact on our skin, hair, nails, and overall wellbeing.

It is always so rewarding to see how these plans transform the lives of my clients which is why I wanted to talk about Tamara Corin and Paula Dale. Two amazing women who have made some incredible progress since working with me this year.

Hair loss, brush pulling hair out

Tamara Corin's Hair Loss Story

Journalist Tamara Corin had been suffering with hair loss for many years and recently reached breaking point after noticing clumps of hair falling out in the shower. When Tamara told me this, the first thing I wanted to analyse was her gut health.

Gut inflammation can cause many bodily ailments such as fatigue, skin complaints, poor sleep and scalp issues which is why it is important that we look after it.

It is our gut’s job to effectively absorb nutrients from the food we eat, remove toxins from our bodies and regulate our immune system. However, when doing this, the gut ends up doing much more.

When there is a gut imbalance, fungus or bacteria will cause havoc with your hair and skin and slowly, over time, hair growth slows down, and thinning occurs. Bacteria thrive in our intestines and there are between 75-125 forms of bacteria living in our gut right now.  We have a unique, symbiotic relationship with these bacteria that can create all kinds of healthy or unhealthy side effects.

Research suggests that the more bacteria you have, the better off you are. This is because each bacterium has its own job to do, from breaking down food to boosting immunity. The higher the healthy bacteria count in your gut, the more efficiently your gut can do all its many jobs.

After studying Tamara’s composition via a Bioenergetics Screening, an examination which uncovers allergies and vitamins in the body, the team and I created a tailor-made plan for Tamara and her unique needs.

Since then, Tamara has been upping her intake of basic nutrients like B Vitamins, Zinc, Selenium and Magnesium and eliminating certain foods from her diet. The plan focuses on improving Tamara’s gut health and she is now consuming more probiotics which encourage a healthier foundation for the gut.

Tamara is also taking the Simone Thomas Wellness Ginkgo Biloba Hair Care Plan and marine collagen supplement, SkinQuencher - this will create an optimum environment to help stimulate hair growth.

Tamara has made some incredible progress in a short space of time and I look forward to continuing her wellness journey with her!

Tamara, Client Testimonial Hair Transformation - Before & After

Paula Dale's Hair Loss Story

2020, the year we were met with the traumatic effects of COVID19.

As many of you know, increased stress can cause hair loss and there’s no denying that the events of this year have caused much stress and anxiety. Telogen Effluvium (TE), a form of hair loss, starts approximately 2-4 months after a triggering event such as grief, shock or illness which means many people are still dealing with the effects of the first national lockdown.

Whilst Paula was stressed, her hair loss was triggered because of contracting COVID19. Paula was rushed to hospital after collapsing in her home and spent a total of 102 days in hospital with 47 of those spent in an Intensive Care Unit. During this time, 70% of Paula’s hair fell out. This is because our hair isn’t a vital organ and when experiencing a deadly virus, our hair tends to be the last part of our bodies to receive the vitamins and minerals it needs to re-grow.

Unfortunately, Paula still suffers with reduced visibility, loss of feeling in one leg, pelvis and jaw pain and continues to take a long list of medications to keep her healthy. This has meant Paula is currently bound to a wheelchair and for the foreseeable future is focusing on her mobility and overall wellness.

After a Bioenergetics Screening, I put Paula on a gluten free diet and have also removed various foods such as corn, white potatoes, peppers and aubergines and chillies from her diet as these cause inflammation, preventing healthy hair growth.

The bespoke programme and ongoing treatment also include:

  • Monthly Bioenergetics Screenings
  • Regular Hair Reviews A hair review every 4 weeks
  • Daily SkinQuencher Supplements
  • Following the Biotin Hair Growth Plan
  • Using Davines ‘A Single Shampoo’
Paula, Client Testimonial Hair Transformation - Before & After

Paula has this to say about her treatment so far:

“The hard work seems to be paying off, as I can see little bristles beginning to appear. It could take around 12-18 months, but there is no reason why my hair will not recover fully. The repair process is tough, but through this whole experience I have accepted every challenge and I am taking each day one at a time. It is baby steps. Losing my hair feels like another test, but it is another path I have to walk on to the road to recovery.”

Although Paula’s journey to healthy hair will be a long and complex one, she is proof that you can combat hair loss if you seek the right help.

Each client is different, and I continue to help people who are suffering with a variety of health issues including hair loss, skin conditions, gut and weight issues, digestive problems, and infertility. If you are experiencing challenges with your health and wellbeing, do get in touch.

Browse the complete range of Simone Thomas Wellness supplements to find the right hair loss treatment for you, or alternatively speak to a member of our support team for advice on which supplement is right for you.  

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