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Simone Thomas Wellness Living Life Well Podcast Episode 7

EP 7: Making small changes towards an organic diet with nutrition coach and corporate wellness expert Barbara Cox

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Episode show notes

Barbara Cox has embarked on a decades-long journey to master the art of nutrition. As someone whose career as a champion skater was cut short by hyperglycemia, she has learned the best ways to monitor what goes into and onto the body, now sharing that knowledge through her courses and books.

Since September is Organic Month, Simone Thomas and Barbara Cox discuss some of the ways you can shift your food habits towards more organic alternatives to better take care yourself, and how to introduce new habits without the threat of rebellion from your kids!

This episode of Living Life Well covers:

• How to shift towards a healthier diet
• The difficulty in long-form meditation
• Reviewing your food intake
• Making time for self-care
• Identifying ingredients to avoid
• Similarities between sports and corporate nutrition

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Episode highlights

“I went into the world of nutrition myself mainly to help other sports people. So I've always been in performance nutrition, and how we can get the best out of our bodies on a day to day basis. I feel that even with the corporate wellness that I'm doing, it's still that performance style of nutrition as well.” Barbara Cox - 4:10

“I think everyone needs a GCSE in label reading when it comes to what we put topically and internally into our bodies, and removing those types of chemicals is imperative. It's not the once or twice that we have these, it’s the years of the cumulative effect that you try to unravel when you're ill.” Barbara Cox - 8:27

“If you actually filled your bath for three days with everything that you consume, or how you feel on a post it note, then look at that bath: Is it clear or is it dirty and murky? If it's obviously the negative, the dirty, murky, your body's gone through that for 20, 30, 40 years.” Simone Thomas - 10:15

“It's just really about finding simple changes that you can do on a constant basis, so you don't cause massive nutritional culture shock in the house. Even when I work one to one with clients now, I'm very careful how you implement things at home so you don't get this rebellion and culture shock happening when you have to get everyone to buy into it. ” Barbara Cox - 19:19

“Meditation is something I've always struggled with slightly. I think my brain is so busy, I'm like ‘Oh my goodness I'm meditating!’.” Barbara Cox - 24:51

“Actually, I need to start booking in more time for me, and it's not selfish. I need it to be able to perform in all the other areas of my life, because if I don't have time for me, I'm just going to hit a brick wall.” Simone Thomas - 26:42

“We need to kind of stop eating all the processed food and dumping the junk as much as possible, and making sure that we get back to that great balance. So if we have a plate of food, if you have something that's cooked, I always like to offset it with something that's live as well. I serve side salads with most cooked meals, and those are really easy for people to implement as well.” Barbara Cox - 31:42

“I've launched four courses so people can get educated and inspired and motivated to make these changes in their lifestyle. One is an easy seven day cleanse that people can do, another one is my four keys to weight loss, then I have ‘Becoming a Wellness Ambassador’ as well.” Barbara Cox - 42:05

“Hydration is number one, and making sure the body is topped up with proper water. I touched on it before, food variety is number two; making sure you know in a one month programme that you're getting 120 different varieties of food for that good gut healing, but also the array of vitamins and minerals, and to avoid food fatigue.” Barbara Cox - 44:16

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