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Living Life Well podcast EP 1: My personal journey to better health and well-being with Simone Thomas

EP 1: My personal journey to better health and well-being with Simone Thomas

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Episode show notes

From corporate inner-city life to beach-loving wellness expert and entrepreneur, hear more about my personal journey to health and wellbeing. In episode 1 of Living Life Well I provide a bit of insight into my background, chat about what drives me and how Simone Thomas Wellness came about. Hear how I’ve used food and nutrition in my family’s and client’s lives to improve their health, energy levels and day-to-day journey’s as well as treat conditions such as hair loss, skin conditions, thyroid issues and neurological disorders.

This episode of Living Life Well covers:

• Simone’s own experiences as an endometriosis sufferer

• The importance of cervical screening

• Taking control of your health in your late-twenties

• The impact of the correct vitamins and minerals

• Skin conditions, hair loss treatment and diet

• Neurological disorders

• Diet and nutrition in children and babies

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Episode highlights

“I started my career off in IT and Telecoms, working in a few roles within cities, both in smaller and much larger American companies. It was whilst working there that I started to have a lot of issues with my stomach, but I could never really get 100% diagnosis. I was typically being told it was IBS, or ulcerative colitis, and eventually years later they found that it was endometriosis.” Simone Thomas - 1:47

“Around the same time, I met my now ex boyfriend, which is kind of a funny story, because in reality he actually saved my life. Luckily I went to get tested for an STI, and I was under the age you would normally be allowed to have a smear test. And the nurse decided to do one as I was sexually active, and thank God she did, because it came back that I had quite aggressive cells and was taken into hospital within two weeks.” Simone Thomas - 3.45

“Everything happens for a reason, the good, the bad and the ugly but at the time you don’t realise why. I can now look back and laugh and smile about things” 6:23

“I was living a crazy life in London, partying, drinking, just wasting money. And it was only after my Mother passed away when I was 27 that I thought “What the hell are you doing?” You’re not old but you’re not young. I need to grow up and be a little bit more responsible.” - Simone Thomas - 10:51

“I had come to Bournemouth during the summer and had fell in love with the place. It was an amazing summer, it was boiling hot, I think the Sand Polo event was on and it was incredible. I was thinking “wow this is like sunny London with a beach, still a bit of a party lifestyle but then you’ve got the forest and some normal things to do as well”. - Simone Thomas - 12:37

“I knew I wanted to do something after losing my mum that would help people. And with my own experiences of hair loss due to my cervical cells and stomach issues I thought why don’t I create a parlour that does hair, wigs, makeup and beauty, where women can come in to get transformed, whether it’s to do with hair loss, or they’ve just lost loads of weight but they don’t know who they are and they want a makeover”. Simone Thomas - 14:28

“I’ve realised from the hair loss side it’s not the hair loss that you’re treating, it’s the cause internally and it’s normally you know, stress, meditation, illness, imbalance, fatigue, bacteria, where if you treat that, naturally your hair will start to grow back.” Simone Thomas - 16:29

“My children's Father has a brain condition, he has a brain tumour that can't be removed, it's there, it has been treated and it has been shrunk. But it's an ongoing daily journey in the sense of medication and good days and bad days. And over the years, I had seen the effects that it had had on his health. And a huge thing that I would notice was if there was too much coffee or too much alcohol or bad food takeaways, the difference it would make with how he would feel. So that's when I thought well actually, I've read books about the power of food and that you can heal your body and you can improve yourself by choosing the right foods, the right vitamins and the right minerals.” - Simone Thomas - 17:09

“I just really got my head down into learning more about thyroid and gut connection. And as it then happened, the people that had come in to see me for hair loss, a lot of them had thyroid issues, hormone issues, and skin conditions. And I was starting to see a really big picture of the common factors that were affecting people's hair, skin and weight.” - Simone Thomas - 18:08

“My newborn son suffered with eczema, but it was quite severe, so much so that it looked like burns on his skin. And it turned out he was allergic to breast milk and to dairy. He had a lot of stomach issues and I had to put him on to a new formula like goat's milk. So then again, I started to become really interested in children and allergies and food and what I was eating, how it would affect him.” - Simone Thomas - 19:20

With everything, I've been talking about over the last five years that has gone on, I've realised the power of the mind, but also the power of what you do to your body. So, you know, food is key, water is key, nutritional vitamin supplements are really, really key for a healthy mind.” Simone Thomas - 29:11

“I'm not a doctor, but I've got a real passion and a real personal attachment to all of these things that have gone on. And that's really where kind of Simone Thomas wellness started from. I was mixing formulations, in my kitchen feeding my boys with probiotics. And then I was looking at natural remedies for thyroid support, remedies for people that have been through seizures and have damaged their brain to a point and to make them stronger. And that's where Simone Thomas wellness came from.” Simone Thomas - 30:00

“So I'm lucky I'm still here. I have definitely a lot more grey hair. I've definitely lost a lot of hair. But it has been an amazing journey and I wouldn't change it because I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing now, but I most definitely wouldn't want to go through it again for sure.” 33:05

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