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Oct 8, 2020

EP 9: Improving your self-care through natural & organic treatments with Founder of Made For Life Organics, Amanda Winwood

Episode show notes

With an intimate knowledge of all things organic and the positive lasting impact that natural ingredients have on us, Amanda Winwood is the perfect person to have set up her own organic, sustainable skincare business. As the Founder of Made for Life Organics (and ‘Queen of Hugs’), she encourages us all to lead a better life for ourselves and the world around us.

Amanda joins Simone Thomas for a deep and often-emotional discussion which uncovers some of her inspirations, the need to reintroduce our bodies to natural and organic treatments, and the current lack of these treatments for people battling cancer. We also learn how Amanda’s mum has left a lasting impression and some words to truly live by.

This episode of Living Life Well covers:

• Reconnecting with nature
• The relationship between touch and smell
• Therapy and treatment for cancer patients
• Amanda’s 3 pillars of health and wellness
• Importance of switching off
• Finding contentment rather than transient happiness

Links & references

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Get In Touch

Made For Life Organics

Episode highlights

“COVID has taught a number of us some of the emotions that people who are going through cancer will experience during their own journey, that sort of feeling of isolation, of fear, of anxiety.” - 6:58 - Amanda Winwood

“One part that I loved about lockdown was how calm the ocean seemed and the sand seemed so clear. It was beautiful to be able to go for those little walks and it’d just be very, very calm and there’s a lot more ocean life coming back in. Then typically when we were allowed back out again, we've just gone and destroyed it.” - 9:24 - Simone Thomas 

“There's something about mindfully taking time to make things and appreciation of the herbs and flowers that we use. I've never been able to move away from that as a brand. I'm very lucky because the people that we work with both within the Made for Life team, but also within spas and our customers, kind of get it.” - 13:21 - Amanda Winwood

“96% of spas and salons were turning away people with cancer, which is horrendous, really, on many levels - not least for the person who gets turned away when they probably most need a beautiful, gentle touch.” - 19:39 - Amanda Winwood 

“Touch therapy is so much slower. I describe it when I'm doing training and when we go out into the industry as: when I was upset, my mum used to stroke my hair. And it’s just that lovely, soft, gentle, slow touch. Touch therapy works like that.” - 26:34 - Amanda Winwood

“If you smell something, it crosses all the boundaries and just will trigger a memory or a feeling straightaway. So the integration of touch and the scent of beautifully made oils is not surprising, it helps people be well.” - 34:10 - Amanda Winwood

“Time is precious, how do you spend that time? And what do you want? Because people say I want to be happy. Happy is a transient thing. You can't be happy all the time, but actually finding contentment is a very, very beautiful thing.” - 41:19 - Amanda Winwood

“I've always carried with me one sentence and that was:

Be brave in this world. Fear nothing, because fear is a canker that gnaws at the soul, but walk bravely.” - 54:02 - Amanda Winwood

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