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Simone Thomas Wellness Helped Me Beat the Bloat | Hope's Story

‘For the first time in years, I feel like I’m in control of my IBS, rather than the other way around!”

After struggling with brittle nails and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) for several years, Hope turned to Simone Thomas Wellness for guidance.  

We asked Hope a few questions to learn about her experience, to help other people who may be going through a similar thing.

What were your initial symptoms?

The reason I decided to try the Simone Thomas Wellness Biotin Wellness Plan was to improve the condition of my nails and reduce discomfort in the gut.

My nails have always been very brittle, causing them to break easily which, as a result, has made them very difficult to grow.  I also find that my nail varnish chips within a day which can be extremely frustrating when I have spent time painting them.

Another reason I turned to supplementation was to improve my digestion. As an IBS sufferer, I experience regular bloating and uncomfortable digestion, that can have a very negative impact on day-to-day activities, stress and special occasions – regardless of what I eat.

Had you tried other products prior to STW supplements?

As I am sure many other people with brittle nails have tried, I did experiment with cuticle oil previously, but I never saw a significant difference.

For my digestive issues, I began a course of Optibac probiotics, which I did notice a slight improvement with, but not enough for me to continue taking past the 6-month mark. 

Since taking STW supplements, did you notice improvement in your nails?

Definitely! As well as stronger nails, I noticed a real improvement in how fast they were growing.  My nail varnish is now lasting longer prior to chipping too, which is a big tell-tale sign for me.

Did you notice changes to your digestion from taking Everyday Wellness?

It took me a while to notice differences, because like with any probiotics I have taken in the past, you have to take them for a good few weeks before you begin to notice the real changes. 

However, since then, I have definitely noticed the bloating symptoms have massively reduced, and I’m not feeling as uncomfortable after each meal as I did previously – particularly dinner, which I’m really pleased about!  I have also found that I don’t feel as sluggish or uncomfortable after a special occasion or on holiday where I have indulged, as I used to before taking Everyday Wellness.

Everyday Wellness has really helped to keep my IBS at bay and now if I do experience flare ups, which naturally is going to happen from time to time if I’m feeling stressed etc, they don’t seem to last as long, and the symptoms aren’t as bad. For the first time in years, I feel like I’m in control of my IBS, rather than the other way round!

Would you recommend STW supplements?

Overall, I’d highly recommend the Biotin Wellness Plan as a complete package, and I will continue to take the supplements long-term. It’s given me faith that the right supplements can work, it’s just finding the right ones for you.

One great thing about the STW plans is it really gives you the most bang for your buck as I know they have all the ingredients I need to tackle various concerns or problem areas in one go, rather than having to take a million different vitamins! However, if I were to just recommend the one product, I’d definitely say the Everyday Wellness probiotic supplements, particularly for anyone who may also be suffering with IBS or poor digestion, they’ve been a lifesaver!


Beat the bloat with Simone Thomas Wellness Health Supplements

Don’t suffer in silence.  Simone Thomas Wellness can guide you on how to combat pesky bloating and digestive issues, starting from the inside out.  Discover the Biotin Wellness Plan for a bundle of expertly formulated supplements, or browse the full range.

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