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Caroline's Post-Chemo Hair Journey

After losing all her hair to Chemotherapy treatment, Caroline came to Simone Thomas Wellness to help her restore her hair following the cancer treatment and finally feel like herself again. Keep reading to find out how Simone Thomas Wellness helped turn Caroline’s life around after months of intensive Cancer treatment, with just a few simple steps.

Why does hair loss occur during Cancer treatment?

Hair loss is a common side effect of various Cancer treatments and can begin 2-3 weeks after starting treatment.  As several cancer drugs are designed to effectively kill all rapidly dividing cells, such as those in a tumour, hair is the unfortunate bystander that takes the fall along with the cancer cells. This could be anything from mild thinning to more extensive and complete hair loss.

The good news is, whilst hair loss after chemotherapy or radiotherapy cannot be totally prevented, it can still be well managed with effective nutritional support to stimulate hair growth after chemo.


Caroline's Story

After careful research, Caroline decided to begin a course of supplementation to give her hair the best chance of growing back as healthy and quickly as possible. After reading through the information on the website and through the positive reviews, she opted for the Ginkgo Wellness Plan.  This bundle combines 3 of our multi-award-winning supplements to stop hair loss in its tracks and encourage healthy hair regrowth, all while boosting the immune system, providing more energy and improving gut health.  Due to a weakened immune system and lack of energy, this combination was exactly what Caroline needed to kickstart her journey back to better health.

After starting her new supplements, 4 weeks after chemo, Caroline noticed signs of her hair growing back very quickly. She monitored this progress through a diary of photos taken monthly and we think the images speak for themselves, the speed of the growth was incredible!


It’s worth noting, whilst Caroline’s hair had been straight prior to cancer hair loss, she did discover that it was growing back curly, but this is a common side-effect many Cancer patients do experience, post-treatment.  Whilst some people’s hair may grow back exactly as it were before, for others it may be slightly different in texture, colour or appearance.

This is what Caroline had to say about her hair-growth journey with Simone Thomas Wellness: 

“My hair has grown back incredibly soft, and many people have commented on how quickly it has grown. I feel I’ve recovered quickly from chemotherapy and feel very well in myself, with lots of energy: I am sure this is a result of ensuring I have a healthy diet and taking my supplements.  Overall, I can safely say, I feel healthy, well and with lots of energy.  I am so pleased my hair is growing back at such a great rate.”

Caroline's Daily Routine

Ginkgo Biloba +: 2 x Ginkgo Biloba B+ capsules with food and water – This powerful mix of antioxidants encourages hair regrowth, supports improved brain function, and gently stimulates hair follicles to increase growth.

Everyday Wellness: 2 x Everyday Wellness capsules every morning, on an empty stomach with water – Containing 6 essential probiotic elements, Everyday Wellness supplies friendly bacteria, reduces inflammation while promoting healthy hair and scalp. Studies have shown that a healthy digestive system is closely linked to clear skin and strong glossy hair.

SuperGreens: 2 x SuperGreens capsules on an empty stomach with water – As well as improving the immune system, this gentle formulation also helps to increase the supply of collagen to the body. Stimulating the body to produce more collagen enables the hair and skin follicles to produce strong, healthy-looking hair.

For optimal results, we always recommend taking our supplements for a minimum of 3 months. Your body will be working hard to heal and repair from within before you initially see visible results on the outside.   We are confident that within 3 months, you’ll notice incredible results, which is why we have put together monthly subscriptions, which deliver your supplements straight to your door (3 months minimum). Subscribe and save 20%!

Are you struggling with hair loss after chemotherapy?

Living with cancer and undertaking cancer treatment can leave your body depleted, craving nutrients and exhausted both mentally and physically but there are ways to help recover as naturally as possible. Find out more about how you can make a few simple changes to your daily routine to help encourage healthy hair regrowth and combat post-cancer hair loss.

Take our hair supplement quiz on the homepage to find out the right supplement for you!

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