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Jun 17, 2022

The Menopause Ruined My Hair: Cecilia’s Transformation

Cecilia's Story

Many people would argue that your hair is a form of self-expression.  A defining feature of who you are.  That is why, when you unexpectedly experience some form of hair loss, it can have a huge emotional impact. 

Due to declining levels of oestrogen during the menopause, there is a higher ratio of testosterone in the body, which can negatively affect your hair follicles. As a result, 4 out of 10 women suffer from thinning hair during this stage of life. 

Fitness guru, and co-owner of the hugely successful wellness platform Results Wellness Lifestyle, Cecilia, is just one of the millions of women going through this complex phase of womanhood. 

After noticing her hair was getting increasingly thin, dull and dry due to the menopause, Cecilia came to Simone Thomas Wellness for help.  Simone walked Cecilia through an online consultation to carefully assess her symptoms and way of life, to ensure she was given the most effective plan of action to suit her needs.

To help combat hair thinning, alongside other symptoms of the menopause, Cecilia began taking the 3-step Ginkgo Biloba Wellness Plan.  This plan combines three of our multi-award winning supplements to recharge and boost immunity, support gut health and support the hair regrowth process and strengthen the overall condition of the hair.  With a lifestyle of regular exercise, it was important for Cecilia to also begin taking SkinQuencher Marine Collagen supplements to enhance exercise performance and recovery time, all whilst combatting the effects of ageing skin caused by the menopause. 

Whilst Cecilia admits she isn’t the best at swallowing capsules, this new, daily routine has encouraged her to up her water intake, without having to rely on gummies or other less effective alternatives. 

Now, having taken the supplements for just 3 months, Cecilia is already seeing visible results including thicker, healthier hair and regrowth.  


Cecilia's Reflection

Here is what she has to say of her journey so far:

Simone is the best in the world of hair health. I am super happy with the results and I will be carrying on forever now!”

If you’re suffering from hair loss caused by the menopause, shop Cecilia’s edit for long-lasting results!  Use Code: Cecilia15 for 15% off the Ginkgo Wellness Plan and SkinQuencher supplements.

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