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Modern age mum tired and taking a nap

Being a Mum in The Modern Age

Gender norms are changing, and women are no longer being defined by their role as a ‘Mother’. Discover what it means to be a Mum in the modern age and find out more about what Simone thinks about her life as a parent and successful business owner. 

What It Means to be a Mum in the Modern Age

We now live in an era where being a Mum doesn’t necessarily mean staying at home looking after the children and doing the housework.

In 2019, it was reported that the number of working mothers was at an all-time high with 75.1% having jobs.

The number of stay-at-home Dad’s has also doubled over the past 10 years, highlighting how men and women are taking on different responsibilities and gender roles are becoming less distinguished.

Many of us are no longer defined by a single achievement, like motherhood. Our roles and responsibilities are becoming multifaceted allowing us to adapt to various environments and situations.

There’s no doubt that motherhood, or parenthood, is one of the most rewarding, challenging and unique experiences for many of us, it changes everything, but it doesn’t have to define who we are.

I’m a mother of two incredible young boys but I also see myself as a businesswoman, wellness expert, friend, sister, and partner. I believe that my purpose in life is to thrive in these roles, rather than being restricted to just one.

This mentality isn’t for everyone and no two people have the same goals in life. But for me, I’ve always wanted to explore various avenues, no matter how challenging.

No two days are ever the same and things can get hectic when you’re juggling meetings and client calls with washing, cooking and cleaning, but honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

For me, family is everything, but when you’re also running a hair and wellness empire, there must be a balance. That’s why whenever I get home from work my phone goes on silent and it’s all about spending quality time with my boys, whether that’s playing, reading or making some tasty treats in the kitchen.

Whilst sometimes it can feel like I’ve got a million and one things on my to-do list, I feel incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to own a business whilst reaping the benefits of Motherhood.

This doesn’t mean it’s always sunshine and rainbows, some days I feel like I’m drowning in responsibilities and can’t focus on one thing to the next! Luckily, my SkinQuencher supplements have been keeping me on top of my A-game recently. The powerful combination of vitamin C and marine collagen ensures I’m looking and feeling my best, which can be quite the challenge when running around feeling like a headless chicken (I can’t be cool, calm and collected all the time!).

It’s amazing to see more and more women being celebrated for not only being great Mothers, but for becoming successful business owners and supporting their families both financially and emotionally.

There are many women I look up to, but I think Victoria Beckham’s dedication to her career, business and family is truly inspiring. Throughout many interviews, Victoria has expressed her passion for running a successful fashion brand but also her commitment to bringing up her children with high standards and values.

“I want my kids to have a good work ethic. I believe you can achieve anything if you work hard enough to get it” - Victoria Beckham

This is something I couldn’t agree more with. My children will always be a priority and if they grow up to be happy, polite and respectful then I’ll know I’ve done the best job I can!

Mother’s Day isn’t far away, but honestly, every day I spend with my boys feels like Mother's Day! We usually spend it enjoying a walk along the beach, relaxing and spending quality time together - just like every Sunday.

Whether you’re a working Mum, single Mum or a stay at home mum, I hope your Mothering Sunday is filled with joy, however you choose to spend it!

Whilst we are celebrating Mother’s Day, let us not forget about those wonderful partners and husbands who support women going out to work, by becoming stay at home dads. They make things all things possible. One couple that springs to mind is Jorel Doherty @joreldoherty and his lovely wife Sophia @hiltonsophia - the owner of Not Another Salon – who runs a high-flying business, supported by her husband, enabling them to do an amazing job of providing their son with love and daily adventures!

Feel free to join Simone Thomas’ Wellness World for ongoing support and advice as well as information into all things health and wellness!

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