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Simone Thomas Wellness Success Story - Sharelle's skin results after bioenergetics treatment

Success Story Sharelle "How Bioenergetics Gave Me My Life Back"

Discover how a 90-minute Bioenergetics screening transformed Sharelle’s life, leaving her feeling happier and healthier than ever before.

Sharelle’s irregular menstrual cycles, skin issues, pains in her feet and extreme fatigue started to take their toll on her both physically and emotionally.

These symptoms meant Sharelle could no longer maintain the happy and healthy lifestyle she was familiar with.

Sharelle’s breakouts made her feel incredibly self-conscious and she began avoiding leaving the house without makeup on. The pain in her feet and extreme fatigue made it impossible for her to continue with her daily routine and she eventually gave up her gym membership.

After numerous doctors appointments with no conclusive diagnosis or effective treatments, Sharelle began to feel incredibly frustrated.

Sharelle’s symptoms persisted and she wasn’t sleeping properly. The lack of sleep combined with her physical pain and discomfort made her feel incredibly low and she stopped going out and socialising with her friends.

Feeling at a loss and desperate for solutions to regain her happy and active lifestyle, Sharelle reached out to Simone Thomas Wellness.

Simone Thomas Client success story - Sharelle's skin before Bioenergetics treatment

Sharelle felt a little nervous arriving at her consultation, but Simone soon reassured her that the health screening was designed to give Sharelle the answers she had been searching for.

The 90-minute consultation consisted of a few questions and an Advanced Health Screening using Bioenergetics. Bioenergetics as it’s an extremely accurate way of revealing what is going on inside your body.  This process is able to uncover a whole host of issues from hormone imbalances, food allergies to nutritional deficiencies, so that you can treat symptoms at their root cause.

Bioenergetics is non-invasive and completely painless. You can even book in to have a consultation online, there is no need to come through to see Simone in person.

Sharelle’s results highlighted that she was suffering from hormone and stomach acid imbalances as well as low levels of magnesium and a gluten intolerance.

This information enabled Simone to provide Sharelle with a detailed plan incorporating necessary diet changes and the correct supplementation to help Sharelle manage and alleviate her symptoms.

Sharelle started following Simone’s advice immediately by cutting out gluten, making smarter food choices and taking her daily supplements which included Simone Thomas Wellness SkinQuencher  and Biotin Hair Care Plan.

Miraculously, within a few days, Sharelle’s symptoms began to subside and her skin started to clear, she had more energy and felt less sluggish.

After a couple of weeks, Sharelle felt like she had her life back. The pain in her feet had significantly reduced and she returned to the gym and even started to see the pounds drop which was an added bonus!

Sharelle’s only regret is that she didn’t take the plunge and book her consultation sooner as she now feels happier, healthier and more confident than ever before.

Reaping the benefits of her active lifestyle, Sharelle is thoroughly looking forward to her follow up consultation with Simone.

Simone Thomas Client success story, Sharelle's skin after Bioenergetics treatment

If you are struggling with persistent symptoms or simply want to gain complete clarity surrounding your health and wellness then book in for an Advanced Health Screening with Simone here.

Remember that this can take place online, there is no need to come through to our clinic to meet with Simone in person, although if you wish to, she would love to meet with you 1-2-1.

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