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Get the Most from your Supplements & Diet

Get the Most from your Supplements & Diet

The Best Foods to Compliment Your Supplementation

The best investment you’ll ever make is in yourself and your health. Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy life!

Health and wellness is all about moderation. You need to find your balance and what works for you, to create a consistent, fulfilling healthy lifestyle you can enjoy and sustain. Being healthy is attained by multiple factors coming together to enhance wellness, such as:

  • Regular Exercise
  • Eating a nutritious, balanced diet
  • Self-care and relaxation
  • The correct supplementation
  • Taking care of your mental health
  • Doing what makes you happy

Think of your body as a scale which needs to be in balance. When one aspect is neglected, the scale becomes unbalanced. This represents your health, each aspect being equally as important as the next in-order to keep your body thriving.

This blog explores how you can complement your supplements through a balanced diet for effective nutrient absorption and best results.


Enhancing Results with the Correct Nutrition

There are many different suggestions on what foods pair best with each supplement. However, the advice targeted towards what should be avoided/minimised stays the same throughout each. 

Processed, high sugar, high fat foods lacking in nutrients can be many peoples down fall when it comes to mindful eating. Each supplement has different benefits from helping the skin, hair and gut to overall health and many more. The advice given for centuries continues to apply - be mindful of your saturated fat consumption, your refined simple sugars, and the number of processed foods you eat. Eating a diet high in these processed foods not only has a harsh effect on general health, increasing the risk of multiple health related diseases such as weight gain, blood sugar problems and an increased risk of heart disease but over consumption of such products will have a negative effect on the supplement’s effectiveness, therefore leaving a hole in your pocket, for little results.

For example, if you find yourself living a life filled with overindulgence of such foods, along-side taking probiotic supplementation (such as our Everyday Wellness supplement) the positive benefits provided by the probiotics on your gut and general health can be largely counteracted by the negative affects these foods have. Probiotics increase the number of healthy bacteria in your intestine and your gut, whilst processed foods enhance levels of destructive bacteria. Once again bringing back the importance of the balance scale analogy. It is important to create the best possible environment for your supplements to be able to perform at their best.



Nutrition for Simone Thomas Wellness Supplements

We all know the difference between healthy and not-so healthy foods, but did you know different foods have a varying impact on the way your supplementation works? 

We break down the best foods to incorporate to support your supplementation and any foods to avoid for each of the Simone Thomas Wellness supplements below:  


Everyday Wellness

Everyday Wellness Supplements contain 6 different types of probiotics. These powerful capsules work to support and increase your friendly bacteria, which in turn help to balance your gut and support your overall wellbeing.  However, probiotics do not work alone - a healthy diet, lifestyle, and exercise are essential to boost their effects. 


Food pairings to optimise Everyday Wellness

Fermented foods contain good bacteria which have a potential probiotic affect, helping the guts microflora. When eaten along-side your supplement, both will help to balance the bacteria in the gut and support food digestion. 

Some of our favourite fermented foods include:

Yoghurt, kimchi, temphi, sourkraut, pickles, miso, kefir, cheese, kombucha, naho (fermented soy beans).

What to avoid with Everyday Wellness

The foods which support the growth of negative bacteria, consequently hindering probiotic affects include: 

Sugary drinks, Simple refined sugars, high saturated fat, processed foods, foods high in preservatives and unhealthy additives.


Biotin Brilliance

Biotin Brilliance is packed with high strength biotin, the B Vitamin complex, iodine and many more minerals and live cultures, all helping to encourage healthy hair, radiant skin, and the improvement of your overall wellbeing.


Food pairings to optimise Biotin Brilliance

Eating a diet high in B vitamins and iodine will help to create food synergy when taking your supplements. So, eat those leafy greens!

Our recommendations include: 

Salmon, meat, eggs, yoghurt, avocado, nuts (walnuts, pecans and almonds), tomatoes, carrots, sweet potato and onion.  Adding more vitamin C into your diet aids Vitamin B absorption so other recommendations include citrus fruit such as oranges, berries and veggies.

What to avoid with Biotin Brilliance 

It’s worth bearing in mind that certain antibiotics can inhibit vitamin b12 absorption, so be mindful with taking Biotin Brilliance

On the off chance you are a raw egg eater, it’s time to alter your eating habits. Studies have shown that raw egg white contains a certain protein which prevents biotin absorption.


Ginkgo Biloba B+

This supplement is a natural hair care treatment promoting healthy hair regrowth and the condition of your existing hair. Not only is Ginkgo a hair saviour, but these little capsules also support your energy levels, while boosting your wellbeing.


Food pairings to optimise Ginkgo Biloba B+

Much like b12, iron has a role in your body for maintaining red blood cells boosting circulation through carrying oxygen to your body, this includes your skin and hair roots, which helps the hair grow faster and longer. To form food synergy alongside this supplement, it is important to increase foods high in the B vitamin complex.

Top tip - B12 is a water-soluble energy boosting vitamin, which means it is always best to take in the morning on an empty stomach alongside a big glass of water.

Our recommendations include:

Fish (salmon), meat, eggs, yoghurt, avocado, nuts (walnuts, pecans, and almonds), tomatoes, carrots, sweet potato and onion, leafy greens, lentils citrus fruits.

Iron rich foods include:

Liver, red meat, beans, nuts, dried fruit, soybean flour and fortified cereals. 

What to avoid with Ginkgo Biloba B+ 

Be mindful, everything in moderation. Try and find a healthy food balance! 


Super greens

SuperGreens supplements contain Organic Seaweed, Vitamins E, C, selenium and other incredible vitamins and minerals to support your immune system all year round promote optimal health, whilst supporting healthy hair, skin and detoxification.


Food pairings to optimise SuperGreens

Enjoy a diet rich in selenium, vitamin C, E and iodine. Don’t forget to acknowledge your iron intake.  Vitamin C works alongside Iron, aiding its absorption.

Our recommendations include:

Leafy greens, fish (salmon), seaweed, vegetable oil, avocado, seeds and nuts, fruit and veggies, red pepper, eggs, meat and oat bran.

What to avoid with SuperGreens 

Smoking and alcohol consumption can interfere with selenium and Vitamin C absorption.



Our SkinQuencher supplements are formulated with sustainably sourced Naticol marine collagen and vitamin C to encourage younger-looking, vibrant and glowing skin. 


Food pairings to optimise SkinQuencher

Fish and shellfish are the shining stars to pair with this supplement, containing high levels of essential fatty acids (omega-3), along-side marine collagen. Vitamin C also largely helps to produce collagen and is needed for the synthesis and maintenance, having a very active role in collagen synthesis. Food items high in vitamin C, collagen and omega-3 all help with your skins structure, complexion, and elasticity, keeping you looking younger for longer.  No need for botox when you look after your skin!

Our recommendations include:

Seafood and shellfish (especially fish including the bone, like mackerel), eggs, leafy greens, veggies, citrus fruits, berries, nuts, chicken, avocado, bone broth, plant oils and flax seeds. 

Fancy incorporating these superfoods into your morning routine? Discover 8 breakfast ideas for clear skin.

What to avoid with SkinQuencher 

Support your collagen and vitamin C supplements by upping your fibre intake and reducing the amount of refined carbohydrates in your diet such as white rice and bread. Try opting for wholemeal options where you can to achieve a high-fibre balanced diet.    


Incorporating Nutrients into your Diet

Unsure how to incorporate these essential nutrients into your diet? We’ve got you covered!  Our Nutrihome recipes have been designed with your health and wellbeing at top of mind to compliment the supplement range. Explore the range of monthly, delicious-yet-nutritious recipes.

Alternatively, browse the full range of Simone Thomas Wellness supplements, and kickstart your journey to better health.

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