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An Introduction to Alexandra Hayes, Our Skincare Expert

Meet our Skincare Guru and Global Accounts Manager

We are thrilled to welcome Alexandra to the Simone Thomas Wellness family. As our newly appointed Global Accounts Manager, she will be helping to grow the business through different avenues including managing orders from pharmacies, online stores, high street shops, as well as the day to day running and relationships of these accounts. She will also manage customer service and will be the go-to contact for any order enquiries we have.

Alexandra’s desire to work for Simone Thomas Wellness stemmed from her keen interest in health and nutrition. With a wealth of experience in the world of health and beauty, she has spent many years working as a Senior Therapist at Chewton Glen Hotel and Spa. She learnt and now specialises in a variety of different techniques including Chakra treatments, Oxygen facials, lomi lomi Hawaiian massage and wet shaves. She also developed her vast knowledge and skills through her work as a manager and trainer for Linda Meredith Skincare.

As if that wasn’t enough, as our skincare-guru, Alexandra is also studying for a facial yoga qualification and is keen to share her wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things skincare, how to improve our skin, the science behind our skin and how to take care of our skin throughout the different stages of our life so we can all age youthfully and naturally. We hope to be running regular Live Q&A’s on our Instagram & Facebook pages, so don’t forget to follow us to be the first to know when these are happening.

Fun Facts About Alexandra:

  • Alexandra has a qualified diploma in education and training, and worked in a special needs school, where she met her partner, Sean, and went on to have a little boy called George, age 3.
  • Her family is everything to her and she is lucky to be very close with her parents, brother and sister. She is soon to be an auntie, which she is very excited about!
  • She enjoys cooking with Sean and getting inspirations from recipe books. Her favourite meal to cook is prawn and serrano ham linguine and her favourite drink is an aperol spritz in the summer.
  • Alexandra loves to holiday in France, and having spent many summers in beautiful Frejus growing up, it’s now her favourite destination. She also loves walking, particularly coastal routes!
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Alexandra’s Top 3 go-to’s for Great Skin:

What are the top 3 things Alexandra is looking forward to about working with STW?

  • Since changing her lifestyle around several years ago and developing a healthier way of living, she has had a passion for nutrition ever since. She is looking forward to learning about nutrition and supplements day to day.
  • Alexandra is excited to get the opportunity to utilise her creativity, and work to grow the business through different avenues.
  • Finally, she is looking forward to working with Simone, one of her closest friends.

We are hugely excited to have Alexandra on board and look forward to growing the brand even further. Look out for Alexandra next time you are shopping with us, she would be more than happy to help!

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