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Simone Thomas Interview - What Father’s Day Means To Me

Discover how Simone will be celebrating fathers day in lockdown and what qualities a good father in the modern age should have.

Father’s Day is just around the corner and for many of us, provides a great opportunity to express our love and gratitude to the Fatherly figures in our lives.

It can be a day which means different things to different people.

Whether it’s a family lunch, a countryside walk to the pub or a day out with the kids, Father’s Day is celebrated in many different ways all over the country. However, in light of recent events, many of us will adapt how we spend Father’s Day this year!

Simone Thomas Wellness took the opportunity to interview its CEO and Founder Simone Thomas, to discover how she celebrates Father’s Day and what it means to her.

What does Father’s Day mean to you?

Personally, I don’t believe there should be one day of the year where you should treat your Dad, or tell him that you love him. I believe that you should always tell the people you love how much they mean to you and spoil them every day.

However, I do think it’s lovely how Father’s Day now isn’t just about Dads, it’s about the stepdads, the Mums who act as both Mum and Dad, Dads-to-be and more!

What’s your fondest memory of your father growing up?

Unfortunately, my father passed away when I was very young, so I don’t have many memories of him. However, there is one thing I remember clearly. My brother and I were running through a field and my Dad kindly gave me some pocket money for managing to beat my brother!

How did you celebrate Father’s Day growing up?

Due to the passing of my Dad, we didn’t celebrate Father’s Day, but I do feel like this experience has made me stronger and given me some valuable life lessons.

Can you see your father in yourself or William and Ashton?

I can most definitely see my father in myself and William as we’ve both inherited his fine, curly Welsh hair that looks like we’ve been electrocuted! My Dad was a very good looking man and William is the spitting image of him, so I’m sure he’ll be a winner with all the ladies when he grows up.

How are you planning on spending Father’s Day during lockdown this year?

This father’s day I had planned to take the boys on safari in the UK to Port Lympne Hotel and Reserve. I had even booked The Lion Lodge where we could stay over and see the lions in their natural habitat!

However, due to the coronavirus, we’ve had to push this mini-adventure back to September. So instead we will be spending Father’s Day at the beach where we’ll all do some surfing, swimming and paddleboarding. In the afternoon we’ll probably head home to bake some cupcakes!

What do you think being a good father means in the modern age?

For me, being a good father in the modern age is being able to have fun with your children and letting them express their own opinions - gone are the days where children are ‘seen but not heard’. I think it’s so important to let your children discover who they are and work out what journey they want to take in life.

Teaching the boys respect is a huge priority for me.  William and Ashton have a wonderful nanny called Karen who we all call Mumma Karen. So they can learn the importance of expressing love and appreciation, I always encourage them to buy gifts to surprise her. I want them both to always care for the important people in their lives and I absolutely love seeing how they are becoming true gentlemen!

At Simone Thomas Wellness we would love to know what Father’s Day means to you and how you’ll be celebrating on Sunday the 21st. Feel free to comment down below and let us know!

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