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Simone Thomas surfing and staying active during COVID-19 lockdown

Balancing Business, Family and Pleasure During Lockdown

Discover how business owner and Mum of two, Simone Thomas has been staying productive and making the most of her time in lockdown!

Like many others when we first went into lockdown I experienced a mild sense of panic. How would my business survive? Would the children be okay? How would I cope with taking care of them AND the business from home?

Unknown situations like this require resilience and the ability to adapt quickly. It took a little while and a lot of trial and error, but I feel like I have learnt a lot, including how to effectively juggle business, family, and pleasure from home!

Continue reading to discover 4 things I have been doing to stay proactive and remain positive during lockdown…

Lady thinking of ways to stay proactive and remain positive during COVID-19 lockdown

Plan Out Your Time

The salon has undergone a major refurbishment during lockdown which has been really exciting...and slightly chaotic. Despite the salon being closed I have still been giving advice and conducting online consultations with tons of my amazing clients, as well looking after the boys!

Being able to provide health and nutrition advice throughout lockdown has been a huge priority for me. Last week alone I had 10 zooms calls with children and adults who are experiencing hair loss due to stress and anxiety.

To make sure nothing gets missed, I have been very militant in planning out my time. Each day I will block out specific times for Zoom calls, emails, family meals and of course some ‘downtime’ which usually involves exercise.

Lady smiling, spending time with her child and dog during COVID-19 lockdown

Remain Flexible

Life rarely goes to plan (look at how 2020 has turned out!) and this means your perfectly planned day might not either….

Many of us know all too well how chaotic it can be when you are trying to work from home AND look after young children at the same time. Your schedule for the day can quite quickly go to pot and you are left feeling deflated.

Planning out your day is important but do not be disheartened if you have to adapt or change it if something comes a grazed knee or an early morning temper tantrum. Simply prioritise and reschedule your day to get you back on track!

Lady on a run, staying active, during COVID-19 lockdown 

Stay Active

Staying active isn’t just good for your physical health, it’s an amazing way to improve your mental wellbeing.

Exercise releases endorphins, our bodies ‘happy hormone’, which is why I have been making sure the boys and I are as active as possible in our spare time.

I’ve started the Couch To 5k challenge and have found that doing this most mornings (whilst listening to a Jo Whiley podcast) puts me in the best mood before the day has even begun. Ashton has also been trying something new and has become quite the little surfer dude, whilst William has been enjoying riding his bike absolutely everywhere!

Family spending quality time together during COVID-19 pandemic lockdown

Take A Break

For many of us, working from home can become a bit all-consuming. With access to your laptop 24/7, it is very easy to find yourself responding to emails late at night.

When running a business, sometimes you have no choice but to give up some of your ‘me time’ but I have found I am far more productive if I have had time to re-charge.

This has meant I have been scheduling regular breaks throughout my day as well as prioritising Sunday is for family time. This has been amazing as it always leaves me feeling refreshed and ready to take on anything!

I have found these are four of the best ways I can make the most of my time, ensuring I am as proactive and productive as possible. That is why even when lockdown ends I will be continuing to prioritise these techniques!

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