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Lemon water to help stay energised

Tired of Feeling Tired? How to Stay Energised, Alert and Focused All Day!

Discover the best ways to beat fatigue and maintain your energy levels throughout the entire day

We’ve all been there, you wake up, and instead of feeling refreshed and energised you feel sluggish, tired and irritable. No matter what you have planned, we can all agree that this isn’t how anyone wants to be starting their day.

Tiredness and fatigue can be linked to a number of health conditions, including anaemia, diabetes and even depression. But for many individuals, experiencing a reduction in energy levels can be improved or even eliminated through some simple lifestyle changes.

Stay Hydrated

One-fifth of GP visits are down to patients experiencing tiredness and fatigue but in 35% of cases, these symptoms subsided after patients started drinking more water (Natural Hydration Council).

The NHS recommends we consume around 1.2L of water per day, however, it is important to listen to your body and adjust your water intake depending on your activity levels and environment.

Make monitoring your water intake easier and take a bottle of water to school or work, this will remind you to stay hydrated!

Review Your Sleep Schedule

If you are continually feeling tired, ask yourself whether you are getting enough sleep and whether this is quality sleep?

The Sleep Council discovered that 27% of Britons are sleeping less than the recommended amount (7-8hrs), whilst 22% said they sleep poorly most nights.

Get a better nights’ sleep by avoiding electronic devices which emit blue light before bedtime. This is important as this blue light tricks your brain into thinking it’s daytime which reduces your melatonin levels, the hormone that helps you relax and get to sleep.

Get Active

When you feel tired, the last thing you feel like doing is exercising.

However, one study found that individuals who participated in low-intensity exercise experienced a 65% decrease in feelings of fatigue. Not only can exercise boost your energy levels, but it has also been linked to improved sleep quality.

Increasing your activity levels doesn’t mean participating in intense gym sessions, even a 30-minute brisk walk will leave you feeling more energised and refreshed!

Change Your Diet

If you want to reap the benefits of increased energy levels it is essential to stick to a well-balanced diet made up of nutrient-dense foods.

In 2017, one in five deaths were attributed to poor diet globally. Not only can foods high in saturated fat and sugar lead to a number of health complaints including type 2 diabetes and heart disease, but they can also leave you feeling extremely sluggish.

Consuming foods high in saturated fat causes a diversion of blood and oxygen to the digestive system and away from other vital organs which can cause fatigue.

Eating foods high in refined-sugar such as sweets, biscuits and fizzy drinks cause our blood sugar levels to increase rapidly, providing us with energy.

However, the body automatically reacts to high levels of sugar by releasing insulin from the pancreas. This results in a sudden decrease in blood sugar, which can leave you feeling lethargic.

These are some amazing ways to stay energised and beat fatigue but don’t forget that continued feelings of extreme fatigue and tiredness may be a sign of a more serious health complaint so if in doubt seek the advice of your GP.

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