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Why Investing in High-Quality Super Greens is Worth It

Why Investing in High-Quality Super Greens Supplements is Worth It

The popularity for Super Greens powders, Super Greens supplements and even green drinks has only been growing over the last few years as more and more people look to invest in their health and wellbeing, super greens is often referenced as a great way to kickstart your health and a convenient way to incorporate those nutritious greens into your diet.

However, with an immense number of super green supplements on the market, and with hundreds of brands and price ranges for each one, it can be a minefield to know which greens powder or supplements to choose. Choosing quality dietary supplements can be particularly overwhelming, and although super greens powder is all the rage, not every product in the market labelled as such will deliver the effects it promises, which could lead to wasted time and money, and motivation.

In this article, we hope to bring some light to this topic and empower you to make the best decision when shopping for the right Super Greens supplement for you. We will outline its main benefits to your overall health and provide the essential aspects to consider when comparing the options, such as the quality of ingredients and the different options available (greens powders vs. capsules). For anyone not so familiar with the term, let’s start by explaining what actually are super greens?

What are Super Greens? 

Super Greens, or greens powders are a dietary supplement made up of around 20-40 natural ingredients that are generally dried and then ground into a greens  powder. Super Greens are often sold in either a powder form that you can mix into water and other liquids such as smoothies or they are available to take in capsules, but you should always ensure you take them alongside a healthy diet where you eat plenty of whole foods including vegetables, fruit and dried fruits.

While the ingredients from each super greens powder can vary from brand to brand, typically they are made from dried leafy greens and other vegetables with high health benefits along with seaweed, grasses (such as barley grass), digestive enzymes and other vitamins and minerals to boost results. 

What are the benefits of Super Greens?

There are extensive benefits of super greens. Firstly, adding greens powder into your diet is a great, all-round way to ensure you are getting the dark, rich leafy green vegetables into your body every day. Our Super Greens are packed full of the finest ingredients to bring you all the health benefits in a concentrated, convenient way. The main benefits of taking super green capsules daily include improved condition of hair and skin, promotes a healthy immune system, gut health, reduces blood pressure, improves brain function and natural energy levels to prevent that dreaded 3pm afternoon slump.

On top of this, the powerful combination of alkalising, cleansing, and detoxifying ingredients, along with 100% organic natural superfoods contained in Super Greens, will help your body deal with the pH level imbalances caused by highly processed modern diets, and even combat some of the ill effects of food additives. Making sure you’re getting all the right nutrients in your diet every day, and ensuring you get all the right nutrients to thrive is really difficult, regardless of whether you have a healthy diet, it is often impossible to reach the recommended nutritional requirements without supplementation.

That's why we've dedicated a lot of time to carefully formulate our Super Greens supplements to take the guesswork out of getting your daily dose of greens and vitamins. We've packed it with the power of rich botanicals like artichoke leaf, green tea leaf, spirulina, PureSea organic seaweed, and more—all in one convenient capsule. When taken regularly, this supplement will help you fight free radicals and maintain an optimum acid-alkaline balance in your body, as well as give you the nutritional benefits each of the ingredients offers, essential for healthy digestion, hair and skin, strong immune health, circulation and metabolism. 

For anyone looking to start out on taking nutritional supplements but not sure what they need, we highly recommend you start with Super Greens. They will serve as an all-in-one powerhouse with a range of health benefits to improve your wellbeing and bring the balance you need to feel good every day.

Read more to learn more about the many benefits of super greens found behind each of the healthful ingredients expertly formulated into our Super Greens.

Benefits of super green capsules broken-down by active ingredients:

Green tea leaf benefits:

  • Improves brain function
  • Promotes fat and weight loss
  • Protects against cancer
  • Lowers the risk of heart disease
  • Provides a natural energy boost

Spirulina benefits:

  • Anti-aging
  • Anti-viral
  • Anti-cancer
  • Maintains cholesterol levels
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Promotes cardiovascular health
  • Fights malnutrition and anaemia
  • Source of vitamins and minerals including Vitamin C, Vitamin K and E
  • Improves digestive health and bowel movement

PureSeaTM organic seaweed benefits:

  • Contains iodine and tyrosine, which support thyroid function
  • Natural source of vitamins and minerals
  • Contains a variety of protective antioxidants

Why are the ingredients in Super Greens so essential for effective results?

Supplements and green powders are as good as the ingredients they are made of, and often the higher quality the ingredients, naturally the higher the price point. As shoppers, whenever we are faced with many alternatives to the product we want, particularly when we’re trying new brands for the first time, we feel enticed to try a cheaper version, hoping to find a hidden gem or a quick fix. Unfortunately, often the outcome tends to go in the opposite direction. That’s why proper research is so important and vital when shopping for supplements.

Invest in what you put into your body

 In the case of health supplements, you should always do your research, after all you are putting this into your body. A product may not work the way you want, leading you to lose money and time, but it could also end up creating a problem instead of solving one. Hence, it's essential that the Super Greens product you're considering contains high-quality ingredients and is backed by a science-based formula to deliver the desired results. If it works, isn’t it worth that little bit extra each month? We always recommend checking that the ingredients are in tune with your diet requirements and don't include any hidden ingredient that may trigger allergies.

Check Your Super Greens for Certifications

When it comes to quality, an excellent way to differentiate a good Super Green supplement is through its certifications. Having a recognisable certification implies that the product had to undergo a thorough regulatory process to ensure it meets a certain quality standard. Beware, vendors can write whatever they want about their product, but only those with a recognised certification to demonstrate their product’s quality can guarantee high-quality ingredients and therefore good results.

Why we’re proud to offer 100% Clean & Organic Super Green Capsules

Our Super Greens supplement is soil association certified, which means the whole growth process of the ingredients was 100% clean and certified organic. None of the ingredients is GMO modified and neither the soil nor any element used in the soil are cancerogenic. Additionally, our supplement is certified vegan, sugar-free (only using natural sugar substitues), dairy-free, nut-free, and perfectly safe for pregnant women to take, even breastfeeding too. If that wasn’t enough, we also ensure our products are cruelty-free and bottled in recyclable packaging to minimise the carbon footprint on our planet.

Greens powders vary, but we guarantee that our Super Greens supplement contains ONLY:

  • Puresea® Organic Seaweed
  • Ascophyllum Nodosum
  • Organic Spirulina
  • Organic Artichoke Leaf
  • Organic Chlorella (sulphites)
  • Organic Green Tea Extract
  • Organic Ashwagandha
  • Organic Cayenne

Do Super Greens work better in capsule form or powder? 

While many things can be said about taking supplements in powder vs. capsules, a lot of it comes down to your personal preferences and needs. At Simone Thomas Wellness, we find capsules to be the best option because they fit as many lifestyles and conditions as possible.

From a practical point of view, super green capsules are more portable than super greens powder which better responds to the needs of people on the move or with busy lifestyles. This way, you can continue taking your supplement easily when you are on a trip, or as part of your morning routine.

Second, the taste and smell of the different ingredients that go into super greens such as spirulina and Chlorella can pack a punch and if you’ve ever tried to take these in powder form, you’ll know what we mean. However, these play nicer together when contained in a capsule, making it much more likely to keep up with taking them, even during the first stages of pregnancy, which are often characterised by a heightened sense of smell.

Lastly, acid barrier protection capsules are proven to work better for people with a delicate stomach as they break down only once they reach the small intestine. This also protects the essential nutrients from stomach acid and allows them to absorb more completely than super greens powders.

If you enjoy the convenience and efficacy of capsules but also like to add your super greens to meals as powder, just pop your capsule open and add the greens powder to your morning smoothie or protein shake, turning it into a delicious Super Green superfood, and a great addition to a balanced diet! This will not be possible if you opt for super green tablets, which are often less expensive but nowhere as versatile as the Simone Thomas Wellness 2-in-1 capsule. Check out Simone’s favourite Smoothie recipe that is perfect to add your super greens capsule too.


Are you ready to feel healthier? Try Our Super Greens supplements today 

And there you have it! All the reasons why Super Greens is the perfect supplement to try out if you're looking to feel healthier.

It’s time to say hello to a refreshed and HEALTHIER YOU with our carefully formulated Super Greens supplement. Try it for one month and find out how much better you can feel.

Or, if you’re looking for more long-term results as we always say the longer you take something, the better your results will be, you can save 20% when you subscribe to the monthly subscription. You'll get your monthly dose of Super Greens delivered straight to your door every single month, without having to think about it.

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