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MORE than a Protein Powder

Typically seen as ‘bodybuilding supplements’, protein powders are renowned for their abilities to build muscle, repair tissue and aid weight loss but our new product will change your perception of protein powders completely. As a female-owned business, we wanted to create a product designed specifically for women that was beyond that of any other protein powder, shake or drink currently on the market.

Introducing Pause the Meno – More, than just a protein powder.


Firstly, what is Pause the Meno? 

Pause the Meno is our revolutionary, creamy chocolate flavoured vegan protein powder, containing a bespoke blend of organic pea protein and brown rice designed to for women in their late 30’s-60’s. The protein is expertly formulated with scientifically proven ingredients to help manage symptoms of perimenopause and menopause and packed with essential vitamins & minerals to help you feel your best. One to two servings of our Pause the Meno powder a day will provide your body with 12.5g of complete protein while helping to minimise the negative effects of perimenopause and menopause, improve overall wellbeing and boost self-confidence! What’s not to love.

Keep reading to find out why Pause the Meno could be the protein powder for you.


What Makes Pause the Meno Unique?

Any company can claim their product offers more than its competitors but often have very little differences when you actually compare. However, with Pause the Meno it has been carefully formulated with powerful ingredients specifically with perimenopausal and menopausal women in mind. As a female-owned business, we understand the challenges that come with this complex phase of womanhood, and we have made it our mission to create a product that targets the negative effects of menopause, through a versatile, delicious-but-nutritious protein powder.

But what makes it so unique?  Here’s a rundown of why Pause the Meno is so much more than a protein powder.


Designed with Symptoms of Menopause in Mind

HRT isn’t for everyone, and equally, some people don’t find it tackles the symptoms to the effect which they would like it to. Pause the Meno offers women a natural solution or alternative to HRT to manage menopause, helping to alleviate a plethora of debilitating symptoms that can have a huge impact on day-to-day life. Pause the Meno can be taken alongside other treatments to menopause such as HRT.


Powerful Active Ingredients

The ingredients list doesn’t lie. Our expertly formulated menopause powder contains just 6 organic ingredients to make it a powerful formula, but 3 of these are industry-leading ingredients that have never been combined in a powder before, creating a revolutionary formulation.



Let’s dive into these ingredients a little more: 

Libifem to Reduce Hot Flushes & Improve Libido 

Hot flushes and night sweats can be a frustrating symptom of the perimenopause and menopauseone that can often feel quite hard to deal with day-to-day. The Pause the Meno protein powder contains Libifem, a fenugreek extract and key ingredient that has been clinically proven to significantly reduce hot flashes and night sweats, alongside several other life-enhancing benefits. A protein powder that could stop those pesky night sweats. Sign me up!

The benefits of Libifem don’t stop there,  the fenugreek extract has been clinically proven to support sexual health and female health such as menopausal symptoms, but also PMS, PCOS & endometriosis. Alongside reducing those troublesome hot spells that can come as a by-product of hormonal changes, this extract plays a powerful role in the Pause the Meno protein powder. It works to effectively increase sexual arousal and desire, helping to boost self-esteem and confidence during this stage in your life, which are amongst some of the most affected areas women struggle with during menopause.


Levagen to Combat Muscle Aches & Improve Sleep

Despite not being talked about as much as other symptoms of menopause, a staggering 40% of women experience joint aches related to early or on-set menopause, due to a loss of oestrogen. Which is why it was important to us that our product contained ingredients that would actively work to improve muscle and joint aches to relieve pain or discomfort. Levagen, included in our protein powder is proven to support joint health, sports recovery and in turn, improve the quality of your sleep – helping to combat the muscles aches, pains and stiffness which so many menopausal women can struggle with on a daily basis.


Actazin to Aid Digestion

Menopause can cause havoc on your digestive system, leaving a lot of women experiencing symptoms of poor digestion, bloating or constipation which can not only be uncomfortable but, disruptive, and potentially dangerous if left untreated. The most common treatment that comes to mind is laxatives, but this is more of a quick fix, rather than a long-term solution. Therefore, we wanted to make sure our protein powder contained natural ingredients such as Actazin, that would actively work to aid digestion and keep these symptoms at bay.

Poor gut health can also effect our skin, hair and general mood so it was important to us that this protein powder was made to work with our digestion, not against it like many do! Find out more about gut health. 

Made from non-GMO kiwi fruit powder, Actazin is a scientifically proven ingredient that can be supplemented to improve bowel regularity, overall digestion and bloating. 

Interested in how it works? Discover more about the ingredients within our protein, and the science behind what makes them so effective.


Versatility & Flavour

After years of research, we opted for Pause the Meno to be in the form of a shake as opposed to a vitamin or supplement, to enhance the benefits and make it a versatile way of getting the nutrients your body needs. Poor nutrition can have negative effects of women experiencing perimenopause and menopause due to the hormonal balance, which is why we wanted to make it really easy to consume a delicious protein shake each morning to give you all the nutrients you need!

As a woman going through the menopause, Simone always recommends that you don’t skip breakfast. Breakfast helps to balance your blood sugars, give you energy and make you less likely to crave sugary or fatty foods. If you’re on the go in the morning, our nourishing chocolate protein shake is a great way of getting those all-important nutrients in your system quickly, whilst ensuring you’re not running on empty by skipping the most important meal of the day. 

Would you rather have a tasty shake or swallow another vitamin? Yes – we’d pick the shake too!  For this reason, we chose to create this product in protein powder form so that you can look forward to a delicious drink rather than having to add another supplement into your routine. What’s more, Pause the Meno can be mixed with a milk or milk alternative of your choice. So, whether you’re an almond, semi skimmed or oat milk lover, we can ensure you’ll love the taste no matter your preference.


Is Pause the Meno Beneficial for Non-Menopausal Women too?  

Pause the Meno has been designed with women in their late 30’s – 60’s therefore women who aren’t going through the menopause will also benefit from it too!

These key ingredients have been combined to be suitable for any woman between ages of 25 onwards to improve their health. With libido boosting properties, the ability to reduce menstrual pain and speed up recovery from exercise, this product tackles a vast number of symptoms head on, including those that may be experienced outside of menopause.

Whether you suffer from a condition such as PCOS or Endometriosis, or are simply looking to enhance your wellbeing, Pause the Meno could be the perfect addition to your daily routine. 

Still unsure whether it’s right for you? Identify the right Simone Thomas Wellness product for your needs with our helpful guide.



At Simone Thomas Wellness, sustainability is at the heart of what we do, and this product is no different. Pause the Meno is a vegan protein powder, made with cruelty free, natural and GMO-free ingredients. A range of animal products are closely linked to deforestation, and we’re proud to offer vegan products which promote more ethical practices and sustainability in farming. In addition, this product, as well as the full range of Simone Thomas Wellness supplements, has recyclable packaging, helping to reduce waste one step at a time.


Try Pause the Meno for Yourself

Stop menopause in its tracks with our nourishing more than just a chocolate flavour protein powder. Wave goodbye to the upsetting effects of the menopause, and say hello to a happier, healthier and more confident version of you.  

Pre-order your pouch of Pause the Meno today! Not only does pre-ordering guarantee your order before product launch, but pre-orders also come with a FREE Biotin Brilliance, worth £30! 

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