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Simone Thomas Wellness Shakshuka Nutrihome Recipe


Colourful, bright, spicy, and full of flavours- shakshuka is a staple of the Middle East and North African kitchens and became hugely popular in Europe and America in the last couple of years. Shakshuka makes a perfect dish- while eaten for breakfast in Israel, it can be enjoyed any time of the day- as a quick brunch or delicious hearty dinner and it’s full of proteins and vitamins.

I love having mine with crumbled feta on top and an avocado for the extra dose of healthy fats and flavour.

(serves 2)

Simone Thomas Wellness Shakshuka Nutrihome Recipe


• 3 tsp olive oil
• 1 small onion, chopped
• 2 garlic cloves, minced
• 2 tsp harissa paste
• ½ tsp cumin
• 2 large red peppers, sliced
• 500 g tinned tomatoes
• Salt, black pepper
• 4 free-range eggs
• 20 g fresh coriander, chopped
• 2 spring onions, chopped
• 100 g feta
• ½ avocado
• 4 slices of good sourdough bread, to serve


• Heat 3 tbsp of olive oil in a large size pan over medium heat and add the onion, garlic cloves, harissa paste, cumin and sliced red peppers and cook gently for around 10 minutes until peppers soften.
• Add the tinned tomatoes and cook for another 10 minutes until the mixture has thickened.
• Season with salt and black pepper and gently break the eggs into a skillet over the tomatoes.
• Cover and cook for around 5 more minutes until the egg whites are set, and egg yolks are still runny.
• Top with the coriander, chopped spring onions and feta cheese and serve with toasted sourdough if you like.

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