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Dec 7, 2020

EP 12: Clearer, brighter, healthier skin - join the 30DAYSKIN challenge

Episode show notes

This special episode of Living Life Well marks the beginning of the 30DAYSKIN challenge, with daily videos straight to your inbox to help you get clearer, brighter and healthier skin. I share with you some of the key things to look out for and changes you can make right now to take care of one of your most vital organs, as well as how you can join me for the 30DAYSKIN challenge!

This episode of Living Life Well covers:

• Collagen
• Water and hydration
• Cleaner nutrition
• Exercise
• Sleep and recovery

Get clearer, brighter & healthier skin in 30 days with the #30DAYSKIN challenge with Simone Thomas Wellness.

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Sign up now or follow the journey on YouTube.

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Episode highlights

“We all want youthful radiant skin, but also we need to make sure that our skin is as healthy as possible. It will protect us for the whole part of our life journey, which for some can be 60 years, for others 80, and for others that are lucky to reach their 100th birthday. So let's start taking a lot more care with our skin.” - 2:53 - Simone Thomas

“From the minute that you wake up in the morning, are you having a coffee before anything else, are you having a glass of water? You need to flush out everything that's been in your body for 10 or 12 hours while you're sleeping.” - 5:00 - Simone Thomas

“Right now where we're in a time where we're having to wear masks 80% of the day. our eyes are our voice and they are our smile and it's very hard to see what's going on underneath that mask. So for me it's all about letting my eyes sparkle, being able to kind of give that look to people that I'm healthy and I'm glowing when a majority of my face is covered.” - 6:39 - Simone Thomas

“If you're going to start anywhere when it comes to your skin, trying to look more youthful and have a glow, then collagen is where you need to start, because it's a natural product in the body. But it's a product that starts to deplete at a very early age.” - 10:18 - Simone Thomas

“Put what you eat for three days into a bath. Don't empty the bath, just load it all up there, all that food. When you go back to it in 3 days and take a look at it, for the majority of us it's going to be a pretty awful sight. That's what we’ve got to think about when it comes to going to the toilet and having very healthy bowel habits.” - 13:57 - Simone Thomas

“Sleep is key, circadian rhythm is key, because it's when our body rests and repairs itself. It doesn't cost you any money, so you're not having to go out there and break the bank to really look after your skin.” - 20:49 - Simone Thomas

“Yes, we can have carrots all year round and yes, we can have strawberries. But there are key months when these produce are ripe and full of nutrients and vitamins and when they should be eaten.” - 22:32 - Simone Thomas

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