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Dec 21, 2020

EP 13: Rekindling relationships and body confidence with Sex & Relationship Expert Annabelle Knight

Episode show notes

For this Christmas special of the Living Life Well podcast I’m thrilled to be joined by TV’s Sex & Relationship expert Annabelle Knight!

Annabelle is one of the UK’s most relevant, sex, relationship, dating and body language experts, a bestselling author, sext toy expert and celebrity relationship coach. She has qualifications in life coaching, couples counselling and psychosexual therapy.

We have an awesome chat all about body confidence, rebuilding relationships and focusing on a sex-positive environment! This is an episode you don’t want to miss!

This episode of Living Life Well covers:

• The benefits of physical fitness for mental health and confidence
• Body confidence and power stances
• Promiscuous gift ideas
• Micro-cheating
• Recovering relationships though smaller changes
• The importance of learning and knowing your body
• Being raised in a sex-positive environment

Links & references

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Annabelle Knight

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Episode highlights

“I've always been someone that people go to. So at school I was the secret keeper, I was always trying to help solve my friends’ relationship problems. It's been something from a really early age that I've always been keen to do, to help people.” - 5:31 - Annabelle Knight

“Being raised in a sexually positive environment is so important and so beneficial. I think a lot of people fear that if they were sex-positive that it's going to promote promiscuity.” - 8:47 - Annabelle Knight

“It's all about age appropriate education, being open and trying to take the stigma and embarrassment out of it so that your kids feel comfortable and confident to ask questions. Ultimately, you're going to be a really important source of information to them.” - 12:32 - Annabelle Knight

“Merely by saying ‘I think we both need to try harder’, and setting that challenge out there and getting the words out, you have taken a step towards controlling your relationship and your path.” - 19:05 - Annabelle Knight 

“If you feel out of practice, that’s completely normal, but the good news is that everyone’s in the same boat. It's not like you've taken yourself out of the game for a year while everyone else has been busy dating and brushing upon their romantic skills.” - 21:57 - Annabelle Knight

“A gentle reminder that you're attractive, or could find other people attractive, is healthy in a relationship. You want your partner to be desirable; it's all about intent. If you have no intention of doing anything with those people then a bit of flirtation is completely healthy and natural.” - 25:39 - Annabelle Knight

“We all know exercise is good for building muscle and creating a strong body, but it's also great for your mental health, it’s great for your overall wellbeing, it gives you a sense of control and peace as well.” - 38:32 - Annabelle Knight

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