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Supplements for Ageing Hair Loss

Biotin Brilliance

Biotin Brilliance is expertly formulated with the right amount of Biotin and Vitamin B to encourage healthy hair, radiant skin and improved wellbeing so you can look and feel your best!

SkinQuencher | Marine Collagen

Packed with sustainably sourced marine collagen & vitamin C to promote younger-looking, vibrant and glowing skin.

It can be upsetting when, as we grow older, we may experience thinning hair or even hair loss over time. Age can affect the way our hair grows and can result in hair loss, whether this is sudden or takes place over a longer period. 

Accepting that age has influenced the way our hair looks and feels can be difficult and cause us to lose confidence but realising that there are physical changes that occur as we age can help us look for natural solutions to slow down these symptoms. 

Our best-selling supplement for healthy, shiny and strong hair! Biotin Brilliance is expertly formulated with the right amount of Biotin and Vitamin B to encourage healthy hair, radiant skin and improved wellbeing so you can look and feel your best!


How Does Age Affect Hair Loss? 

There are several reasons as to why ageing may affect your hair. Lifestyle factors, such as long-term stress due to work or family circumstances and a struggle to maintain a healthy diet, can all influence how the body works overtime. Signs that age may be affecting your hair could include: 

  • Loss of hair volume
  • Dry, dull or brittle hair
  • Fading hair colour
  • Texture changes
  • Bald spot patterning

Stress molecules, such as cortisol, can target and damage the hair follicles over time. These aspects may encourage hair loss as we age. Several symptoms could include shedding of hair or bald patches appearing as the years pass.

Hormonal issues also play a large role in affecting hair loss. Significant events, such as the menopause or thyroid problems may dry out the hair, causing it to feel brittle or break. These issues can cause thinning of the hair, contributing to ageing hair loss.

You may be surprised to learn that poor digestive health and gut conditions such as IBS/IBD can really contribute to ageing hair loss. Everyday Wellness is our super-strength probiotic packed with 6 different types of probiotics to supports the friendly-bacteria and improve gut health.In only a little amount of time, you will begin to see the positive changes our plans can offer to increase hair growth and naturally restore your body to great health.

What Supplements Can Help to Combat Ageing Hair Loss? 

Many people feel that, once ageing has started the hair loss process, that there is little they can do to stop it. Simone Thomas Wellness products are designed to combine the right vitamins and minerals to address these issues from the inside out while encouraging healthy hair growth to prevent, reduce and even stop, the effects of ageing on the hair.

Hormonal imbalances can increase the production of substances in the body that disrupt hair growth and can lead to hair loss.

Ginkgo is extremely beneficial in improving hair health as it is a power antioxidant that nourishes damaged hair follicles and repairs scalp cells. It also improves your general health and energy levels as it helps protect your body from harsh toxins that can drain your energy or affect digestion. 


Discover Your Thinning Hair Solution

Hair loss due to ageing can impact your confidence levels.

Reach out to the Simone Thomas Wellness customer support team for more guidance. 

Simone Says

A healthy scalp is the foundation of healthy hair, so it's important to keep the skin there well-nourished and remove the build up of dead skin cells. We all know how important it is to nourish the skin on our faces to keep our skin looking and feeling healthy, but our scalp and hair need the same attention. 

Scalp massages are amazing and can improve the condition of your hair and scalp. Many of us spend a small fortune on creams and facials but we very rarely take the time to invest in scalp care. Take the time to massage your scalp daily to improve the condition of your hair. 


Selenium - plays a key role in supporting your hair, skin and nails. We recommend incorporating foods containing selenium into your diet. Sources include brazil nuts, chicken, turkey, beef, fish and shellfish, and eggs. Fact: A few brazil nuts a day or a serving of tuna will contain enough selenium for your body. 

Biotin - foods that include Biotin will support your hair and skin as they play a key role in the production of fatty acids, vital for healthy hair and skin. Sources of biotin include lean meats, eggs, seafood, peas, beans, lentils and soy products. 

For woman suffering with Alopecia then 2 dessert spoons of ground flaxseed to your daily diet. 


Animal fats and fried foods as these contain harmful substances which can effect your health and weaken your body when it is already in a stressed state.