Woman drinking healthy smoothie to combat alopecia hair loss
Woman drinking healthy smoothie to combat alopecia hair loss

How to Combat Alopecia with Supplements

Alopecia, the medical term for hair loss, is a physical condition that can also have a negative impact on your psychological and emotional wellbeing. It affects both men and women and can be distressing if you don’t know where to turn for help.

Lifestyle factors, such as stress or ageing, may change the nature of your hair. Issues with poor digestion may also play a part in hair loss. Like skin and nails, hair needs nourishment from vitamins and minerals to thrive.

It’s not as simple as finding a miracle product to act as a quick fix. Your body could need extra support to boost your levels of these key nutrients to encourage alopecia hair regrowth and your overall well-being. 

Why Does Alopecia Happen?

Losing hair can be a very distressing experience. Alopecia is often the result of an underlying medical issue, such as anxiety, stress, poor gut health or an autoimmune disorder. Knowing the reasons why you are experiencing hair loss can be important in finding the right alopecia hair loss treatment for you.

There are some symptoms you may notice that could be a sign of potential hair loss caused by alopecia:

  • Thin, brittle hair
  • Bald spots
  • Excessing shedding
  • Receding hairline

When signs of alopecia occur, it can be hard to know where to find the most suitable treatment to help improve your condition and your confidence. Each of the Simone Thomas Wellness 3 Step Plans nurture your whole body, so that not only will you notice healthy hair regrowth, but you will have increased energy levels, a healthier gut and an improved sense of overall wellbeing.

 For more information on the different types of alopecia, read our blog on Alopecia and how to treat it.  

How Supplements Can Help to Combat Alopecia

While unfortunately there isn’t one hair care product that will provide the quick fix, the great news is by finding the right supplementation you can encourage healthy hair regrowth. Our entire range of hair loss supplements are specifically formulated to contain natural ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and botanicals carefully chosen to improve hair health and regrowth, and also to care for your whole body.

The Simone Thomas Wellness Hair Care Plans combine many nurturing, natural ingredients. One of the most potent, Ginkgo biloba, is proven to be beneficial for hair loss sufferers. It is not only anti-inflammatory to heal inflamed scalps and reverse the signs of age-related hair loss, but it also has powerful antioxidant qualities to nourish damaged hair follicles and to protect from harsh toxins. Alternatively, our Simone Thomas Wellness Biotin 3 Step Plan works naturally to enhance collagen levels and protect the thickness of hair follicles.

All our plans are enhanced with Super Greens and Everyday Wellness, to boost protein production in the body for healthy hair cell growth and include botanicals, such as Spirulina, that supply the body with the essential vitamin selenium to strengthen hair follicles, boost energy levels and protect the digestive system. 

If you are suffering from alopecia hair loss, then it is important to address all the issues your body is facing. Every Simone Thomas Wellness hair loss plan is a 3-step process, combining essential vitamins, minerals and botanicals to heal you from the inside out. You may not have realised that your stress levels or nutrient-lacking diet could be affecting your hair but our plans are packed with the nutrients you need to tackle your concerns and help you feel your best. 

Experience a world of benefits by following one of the award-winning Simone Thomas Wellness hair care plans designed to target signs of alopecia. Allow your choice of plan to support you so that you benefit from: 

  • Healthy hair growth
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Higher energy levels
  • Improved brain function
  • A better sense of wellbeing

Discover Your Perfect Alopecia Hair Loss Treatment Today

If you are suffering from upsetting signs of hair loss, do not worry. The Simone Thomas Wellness Hair Care Plans offer you 3 easy steps to help you restore the natural health of your hair, improve gut health and generate feelings of wellness.

If you're struggling with alopecia hair loss, you need our Ginkgo 3 Step Hair Plan, specifically designed to encourage healthy hair regrowth. For more help or guidance on the health of your hair, contact the Simone Thomas Wellness team who can advise on the right plan for you. 

Simone Says


Selenium – plays a key role in supporting your hair, skin and nails. Recommend incorporating foods containing selenium in your diet. Foods containing selenium include brazil nuts, eggs, turkey, chicken, fish, sunflower seeds & walnuts. 

Biotin – another important nutrient that plays a key role in the production of fatty acids, vital for healthy skin, hair and nails. 

Flax Seed – rich in Omega-3 fatty acids helps to support health and healing in almost every cell of the body. For anyone suffering from alopecia, we recommend adding 2 dessert spoons of ground flax to your daily diet. This can be added to smoothies, used in baking or sprinkled on any meal for added crunch. 


Dairy & Soy for the first three months while following the Simone Thomas Wellness Plans as in some people this can cause inflammation. 

Animal Fats & fried foods as these contain harmful substances which can weaken your body. 

Stress, smoking and feeling unwell can trigger a flare up in symptoms, try to get as much exposure to sunlight, stay calm and destress and support your hair from within with a healthy diet & supplement routine. 


We recommend having an Epsom salt bath at least twice a week for 20 minutes.

If you're struggling with alopecia hair loss, you need our Ginkgo 3 Step Hair Care Plan which is specifically designed to encourage hair regrowth in alopecia sufferers. Shop the Ginkgo Hair Care Plan today. 

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