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Everything to Know About Pre & Postpartum Hair Loss

Hair loss, no matter the cause, can be a devastating experience many of us face. Hair brings out our personality, it makes us who we are and without it it’s not uncommon to feel a loss of individuality and less like our normal selves. In cases of pre and postpartum hair loss, it’s an added strain on what is known to be a stressful situation due to a series of hormonal imbalances and deficiencies. However, more people suffer from pre or post pregnancy hair loss than you may think; according to the American Pregnancy association, 40-50% of women suffer from hair loss at some stage of their pregnancy, but luckily enough it’s not usually a permanent change.

In this blog we uncover everything there is to know about pre and postpartum hair loss, from the definition of this specific type of hair loss, to causes and scientifically proven treatments. If you’re suffering from pre and postpartum hair loss, it’s important to understand factors contributing to your hair loss so that you know exactly what’s needed to encourage healthy hair regrowth for stronger, restored, thicker hair.

What Is Postpartum Hair Loss?

Postpartum hair loss occurs when a woman’s hormonal level changes during pregnancy. Normally, 85-90% of your hair is in the growing phase however during pregnancy hormonal changes stimulate hair growth which means many women have more luscious, thicker hair during pregnancy, and less hair that sheds. However, when you give birth further hormonal changes occur which result in a greater percentage of hairs entering the resting stage, and since the shedding stage follows the resting stage, new mothers may experience significant hair loss after giving birth. The more hairs that enter the growing phase during pregnancy, the more substantial the hair loss may seem after childbirth.

Is Postpartum Hair Loss Permanent?

Postpartum hair loss is just a phase, it’s not something to worry about as it will pass with time. Your hair should have regrown back to its normal self by your baby’s first birthday, if anything it should regain fullness even earlier however it can vary for each person depending on a range of factors.

How Long Does Postpartum Hair Loss Last?

The length of time postpartum hair loss takes to heal varies from person to person as two pregnancies are never the same. When you have just had your baby, it’s normal to be losing about 400 hairs per day, compared to 80 hairs normally. In general, postpartum hair loss typically starts to recover soon after giving birth and can stop after around 3 – 6 months. However, the hair growth phase can be initiated sooner with the help of natural therapies, treatments, and supplements. 

If your hair loss is lasting a while and you’re worried your hair isn’t growing back, there may be other health issues involved. Get in contact with experts who can help aid recovery with the right solution for you.

Combatting Pre & Post Pregnancy Hair Loss: Top Tips

It is normal and completely natural for hair to thin after pregnancy, unfortunately there’s nothing to prevent this from happening, however, there are ways to combat this with viable solutions to regain hair volume, thickness, texture, and quality, including: following a wholesome, nutritional balanced diet, minimising stress where possible, avoiding hair styling, and taking supplements designed to help strengthen your hair during and after pregnancy.

Read our blog on ‘Combatting Hair Loss Pre and Post Pregnancy’ to find out more solutions to preventing hair loss.

Natural Pre & Postpartum Hair Loss Treatment Specifically Designed to Encourage Hair Regrowth

Recently voted the ‘Best Hair Care Supplements’ by The Independent, the Simone Thomas hair is made using the finest ingredients to help stimulating natural hair regrowth pre and post pregnancy. Formulated by experts and created to help strengthen hair follicles, discover leading pre and postpartum hair care supplements designed to aid hair regrowth. They can be taken safely during pregnancy and work best alongside a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Simone Thomas herself is testament to the success of these products as she took them religiously throughout her pregnancy journey to maximise skin and hair health.

Biotin for Postpartum Hair Loss 

Make every day a happy healthy hair day with our Biotin Hair Care Plan which helps anyone experiencing fine brittle hair or suffering with other hair loss conditions, to give your body the right vitamins to support healthy hair regrowth. This 3-step program specially aids hair growth after pregnancy when combined with a balanced lifestyle and a nutrient-rich diet, resulting in healthier, longer and shinier hair. Biotin for postpartum hair loss isn’t recommended to those currently taking blood or heart medication, but for more guidance on which treatment is best suited to you, get in touch today.

Simone Thomas Wellness Biotin Hair Care Plan for hair loss

Ginkgo Biloba for Hair Regrowth

With proven health benefits and formulated with only the most nourishing, natural ingredients available, the Simone Thomas Ginkgo Hair Care Plan contains Ginkgo Biloba capsules, Super Green capsules and Everyday Wellness capsules which supply carefully selected blends of vitamins, iodine and botanicals, as well as being loaded with biotin, B vitamins and folic acid to give you nourishing ingredients needed to improve hair health.  Known as one of the best natural hair loss treatments designed to suit everyone suffering from hair loss, we are proud to offer this solution to women suffering from pre and postpartum hair loss for healthy, thicker, happier hair.

Simone Thomas Ginkgo Hair Care Plan for Hair Regrowth

Discover a Natural Postpartum Hair Loss Treatment to Suit You with Award-Winning Supplements

Simone Thomas Wellness offers a range of tried and tested natural hair loss treatments, formulated by experts, and loved by many. Backed by science, these supplements and vitamins not only help to maintain peak hair condition, but they also stimulate a vibrant and refreshed complexion. Discover our range of Hair Care Plans to find the right product for you.

Have you checked out the Simone Thomas Wellness podcast? We recommend listening to episodes 1, 3 and 5 as Simone shares her personal journey with hair loss and insights into her daily wellness routine to reveal healthy, happy hair.  

If you would like support in finding the right hair loss treatment for you, get in touch with the Simone Thomas Wellness customer support team. We will be happy to provide you with expert advice and a recommended hair care plan designed to suit your needs.

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