Woman drinking healthy smoothie to combat pregnancy hair loss
Woman drinking healthy smoothie to combat pregnancy hair loss

Pregnancy & Postpartum Hair Loss Treatment

What Is Pregnancy Hair Loss?

Being pregnant is such an incredible gift – however it can be a stressful time for many. There is so much to plan for and very little time to think about yourself, not to mention if you’re experiencing a number of difficult pregnancy symptoms. Once your little bundle arrives, you will find yourself so caught up with your new baby, that its likely there won’t be a moment spare to worry about the condition of your hair. 

Pregnancy hormones can wreak havoc on your body, but one of the great things is that many women find they have thicker, glossier hair as hair doesn’t really shed during pregnancy. However, if you do experience hair loss whilst pregnant, then there may be some vitamin or mineral deficiencies that could be improved by taking natural supplements.

Often, a couple of months after birth, you may start to notice signs of shedding this extra hair that you have kept whilst pregnant as a result of postpartum hormonal changes. This is perfectly normal and shouldn’t be anything to worry about. Your body will naturally over time, regain to its normal hormone levels. If you think you are shedding more than normal and for a longer period, or it’s causing distress, then you may be lacking in a few nutrients that play a key role in the health of our hair. The nutrient deficiencies can be addressed with supplements to ensure a healthier body and stronger hair.

For more information on pregnancy and postpartum hair loss, read our blog on combatting hair loss during pregnancy.

How Can Supplements Combat Pregnancy Hair Loss?

Hair changes in pregnancy are common; every woman is unique and therefore so is our hair.  If hair loss is experienced in the postpartum period, most women will experience a full recovery, although the process may be slow.  In order to support the body, care for overall health and improve the condition of your skin and hair, following one of the Simone Thomas Wellness 3 step hair care plans can completely transform your health for the better and help to encourage healthy hair regrowth.

Each of our award-winning supplement plans contain a natural combination of essential vitamins, minerals, probiotics and nurturing botanicals to improve digestive health, boost energy levels and restore your skin and hair to radiant health. 

The Simone Thomas Wellness Ginkgo Plan is expertly formulated to benefit women who are experiencing pregnancy or post-pregnancy hair loss. Ginkgo, a key ingredient, is hugely beneficial as it increases blood flow to the scalp, delivering a rich supply of nutrients to the hair follicles to promote hair growth and nourish the scalp. Ginkgo has such valuable properties; its anti-inflammatory to heal inflamed scalp cells and damaged hair follicles. Plus, it’s antioxidant qualities provide real protection against harsh toxins that attack hair and skin.

The Ginkgo Hair Care Plan also provides an excellent vitamin B complex to enhance collagen levels that result in glowing skin and healthy hair. Probiotics are also part of the supplement package to help support your digestive system and overall health.

Biotin, the main B vitamin in the Simone Thomas Biotin Hair Care Plan, is valued for its ability to promote strong, healthy hair and clear, youthful skin. You may find that after having a baby, you need a bit of a confidence boost to feel like yourself again. The beauty of the Biotin plan is that it blends Super Greens  to enhance your levels of iron, selenium and vitamin C. These combine to boost blood circulation to the hair and skin while promoting a healthy immune system and improving gut health.

Pregnancy can affect the way you feel about your skin. If that is the area you want to concentrate on, try the carefully formulated, SkinQuencher. This supplement will plump and reveal clearer skin with potent levels of marine-derived collagen for a luminous and youthful glow.

Discover Your Perfect Hair Loss Treatment

Whether you are pregnant or have just had a baby, you want to look your best with a limited amount of time on your hands. Your body is doing something amazing, so you need it to be as strong, healthy as you can be to take care of your little one.

The 3 step supplement plans will not only work to improve hair health and reveal glowing skin but with the right selection of vitamins, they’ll work to increase energy levels; something that can often be lacking with a newborn!

If you're suffering from pregnancy or postpartum hair loss, you need the Biotin Hair Care Plan. For more help or guidance on the health of your hair, contact the Simone Thomas Wellness team who can advise on the right plan for you. 



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Simone Says

It can be very common to experience hair shedding or hair loss during pregnancy, and postpartum while you are breastfeeding. It's important to keep a balanced diet as much as you can during this time to keep hormones balanced and encourage healthy hair regrowth. While it is normal to experience hair shedding postpartum, whether you are breastfeeding or not, if you have been noticing hair loss for longer than 6 weeks, supplementation could be incredibly beneficial. 


  • Chicken breast
  • Eggs
  • Wild caught fish
  • Organic fruits & vegetables
  • Flaxseeds
  • Chia seeds
  • Mixed nuts 
  • Quinoa
  • Brown Rice 
  • Whole grains


  • All forms of soy products as they contain phytoestrogens
  • Dairy products
  • Alcohol
  • Mint
  • Bread, pastries, and desserts
  • MSG’s 
  • Artificial Colourings and preservatives 


We recommend having an Epsom salt bath at least twice a week for 20 minutes. 

Gentle exercise where possible such as walks, yoga, stretching or pilates. Please make sure you have been given to ok by your doctor to exercise postpartum.

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