Woman drinking healthy smoothie to combat PCOS hair loss
Woman drinking healthy smoothie to combat PCOS hair loss

Supplements For PCOS Hair Loss

What is PCOS Hair Loss?

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common disorder for women that can be caused by a variety of factors, including a hormonal imbalance. This can create distressing issues, such as undeveloped eggs, unreliable ovulation and fluid-filled cysts in the ovaries which can lead to fertility struggles.

These hormonal imbalances can lead to negative side effects for anyone suffering with PCOS. A rise in male hormones, means that some women may experience an increase in facial hair as well as acne. On the other hand, others may experience hair shedding or more severe PCOS hair loss due to the fluctuation of hormones and the possibility of insulin resistance, which can be very distressing.

The combination of insulin resistance with a hormonal imbalance can play havoc on the body, leading to digestive issues and poor gut health. If you can relate to any of these symptoms and haven’t been diagnosed with PCOS, it’s important you talk to your GP to get a diagnosis. 

While the severity of symptoms will differ from person to person, the side effects of PCOS can cause women to feel anxious, stressed and lack confidence. However, while the condition cannot be cured, the symptoms can be managed and with the right nutrients and a healthy lifestyle, your body will begin to recover.

The Simone Thomas Wellness Hair Care Plans offer you a 3-step process carefully formulated and packed with the right vitamins, minerals and botanicals to work with your body to manage your PCOS symptoms and act as a hair regrowth treatment.

Manage Your Symptoms PCOS with Supplements

Many hair specialists agree that the best way to address the issues of PCOS is naturally. By making sure you are making healthy lifestyle choices, from incorporating healthy, nutritious food into your diet, reducing stress and anxiety can make all the difference to improving gut health and your overall wellbeing.

At Simone Thomas Wellness, we don’t believe in quick fixes, it’s all about nourishing the body from the inside out. Which is why each of our plans are specifically designed to restore hormone balance, aid hair regrowth and encourage healthy responses to insulin.

Our Biotin 3-step hair care plan contains the B vitamin biotin which protects your body from damaging toxins and naturally cares for scalp cells and hair follicles helping to encourage healthier hair. Its antioxidant qualities protect your gut from distress and matched with a wholesome diet, can guide you to a happy and healthy body – both inside and out.

As well as the Biotin for PCOS hair loss, there are a whole host of healing benefits with the Simone Thomas Wellness Ginkgo Plan. Ginkgo is a valuable source of antioxidants that offers skin and hair cell protection against harmful bacteria or toxins. This plan is hugely beneficial to your overall wellbeing and gut health due to its probiotic elements that work to reduce inflammation and care for the body’s day-to-day functions.  A real advantage to consuming ginkgo over time is that it helps address the symptoms of stress on the body, resulting in glowing, radiant hair and skin.

If you’re struggling with acne or troubled skin as a result of PCOS, the SkinQuencher is a highly concentrated supplement packed with Vitamin C and marine collagen to encourage aid recovery of skin damaged from inflammation or hormonal imbalances to reveal nourished, clear and glowing skin.

With natural probiotics and botanicals, such as iron, spirulina and selenium the 3-step plans will not only encourage healthy hair regrowth and glowing skin, but improve your digestive system, reduce stress and anxiety which in turn can boost your confidence.

Discover Your Perfect PCOS Hair Loss Treatment 

Finding a natural, effective supplement that is designed to give you the right nutrients your body needs can work to improve your PCOS symptoms and make living with the condition much easier.

The Simone Thomas Wellness 3-step plans, have been expertly formulated to carefully nurture your entire body from the inside out, ensuring your peak hair and skin is maintained, while boosting energy levels and supporting your overall health so you can look and feel your best.

If you're suffering from PCOS hair loss, you need the Biotin Hair Care Plan. For more help or guidance on the health of your hair, contact the Simone Thomas Wellness team who can advise on the right plan for you. 



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Simone Says

Nutrients to include

  • Green Leafy organic vegetables such as broccoli, kale, bok choy and spinach
  • Whole grains, brown rice, wholemeal bread
  • Pulses such as kidney beans and lentils
  • Nuts & Seeds i.e. sunflower seeds, flax seeds. 
  • White Fish & Oily Fish

Nutrients to Avoid

Try to avoid salty foods where possible and reduce sugary food and drinks to a minimum. 

Caffeine and alcohol should also be avoided to manage symptoms. 

Other Tips: 

We recommend having an Epsom salt bath at least twice a week for 20 minutes. 

Pilates and Yoga is great to switch off and can help with the pain. All forms of exercise will help but when in pain I always find Pilates works well. Endorphins are released when we exercise which will help boost our mood and energy levels. 

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