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Simone Thomas Wellness Takes a Leap into Pharmacies and Retail: An Exciting new Chapter

Simone Thomas Wellness Takes a Leap into Pharmacies and Retail: An Exciting new Chapter

Simone Thomas Wellness, a leading brand in the health and wellness industry, is set to embark on a thrilling new journey as it announces its expansion into pharmacies and luxury retail stores across the United Kingdom. With a remarkable track record of winning prestigious awards and achieving unprecedented success within Harrods Pharmacy, the brand is ready to seize new opportunities and continue its mission of promoting holistic well-being.

The essence of Simone Thomas Wellness

Since its inception, Simone Thomas Wellness has been committed to enhancing the lives of its customers by offering premium wellness products that address the diverse needs of modern-day individuals. Founded on the principles of holistic health and self-care, the brand has become synonymous with quality and efficacy, earning the trust of countless individuals seeking a harmonious balance between their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Expanding into pharmacies and luxury retail stores

A close up image of the Simone Thomas protein shaker with chocolate pause the meno protein powder

The decision to expand into pharmacies and luxury retail stores comes at a pivotal moment in the brand's journey. The overwhelming response from customers and the soaring demand for its products within Harrods Pharmacy have reinforced the brand's vision and ignited a desire to reach a broader audience. Simone Thomas Wellness firmly believes that everyone should have access to transformative wellness solutions, and this strategic move is a step towards realizing that vision.

Our customer-centric approach

With a customer-centric approach, Simone Thomas Wellness has gained immense popularity and received recognition from various industry experts. The brand has been honored with numerous awards, which serve as a testament to the effectiveness and excellence of its products. Customers have shared inspiring testimonials about the positive impact Simone Thomas Wellness has had on their lives, from physical health improvements to overall well-being.

"Currently taking the Ginkgo Wellness plan to combat poor hair and nail health post partum. Since taking the supplements my nails are stronger and no longer breaking and i have visible new head hair growing about 2 inches." - Charlotte
Simone sat on a swing chair smiling at the camera holding onto the ropes

Our revolutionary Supplements

Supplements such as Biotin, Ginkgo Biloba, and Probiotics have shown promise in enhancing specific aspects of health. Biotin promotes vibrant hair, skin, and nails, while Ginkgo Biloba supports cognitive function and circulation. Probiotics, on the other hand, foster gut health and boost the immune system. Moreover, Simone Thomas Wellness' new product, Pause the Meno, provides valuable support for women going through menopause, helping them navigate this natural phase with ease.

Try Pause the Meno today

Our revolutionary ‘more than just a protein powder’ contains three highly powerful ingredients, proven to minimize the negative effects of menopause, whilst providing the body with a source of complete vegan protein, improving wellbeing and self-confidence.

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Speaking about the expansion, the Head of Global Accounts at Simone Thomas Wellness, Alexandra Mogg, expressed excitement and optimism about the new chapter.

“I'm thrilled about our UK expansion into pharmacies and luxury retail. I’m excited to reach more customers, spreading holistic well-being and empowering self-care. I am grateful for our loyal customers and dedicated team who has made this possible. The future looks bright!” - Head of Global Accounts

This statement encapsulates the brand's unwavering dedication to its core values, emphasizing the importance of empowering individuals to prioritize their health and well-being.

The key to expansion and success

The brand's partnership with Day Lewis, a distinguished chain of premium retail stores, is a significant milestone in its growth trajectory. Day Lewis shares Simone Thomas Wellness's commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, making it a perfect fit for the brand's expansion plans. Simone Thomas Wellness will soon launch its range of premium vitamins and supplements into 20 Day Lewis stores, allowing the brand to extend its reach to new regions.

The science behind the products

The journey of Simone Thomas Wellness has been one of continuous evolution and progress. From a humble beginning to a powerhouse in the wellness industry, the brand has always been driven by a deep-rooted passion for improving lives. Its expansion into pharmacies and luxury retail stores represents a strategic move to broaden its horizons and make its transformative products more accessible to a wider audience.

A look at the extracts inside the Pause the Meno protein powder

As part of its commitment to providing premium vitamins and supplements, Simone Thomas Wellness takes great care in crafting its products. The brand collaborates with expert researchers, scientists, and nutritionists to develop formulations that harness the power of natural ingredients while adhering to rigorous quality standards. This meticulous approach ensures that each product delivers on its promises and contributes to the overall well-being of its customers.

The impact on mind and body

Simone Thomas Wellness is not just a brand; it's a lifestyle. Embracing the philosophy of self-care and holistic health, the brand encourages individuals to take charge of their well-being and make conscious choices that support their physical and emotional needs. By offering a diverse range of wellness supplements, Simone Thomas Wellness addresses the multifaceted aspects of well-being.

The brand's philosophy extends beyond the physical realm. Simone Thomas Wellness recognises the impact of mental and emotional well-being on overall health. As such, it advocates for practices that nurture inner peace and mindfulness, believing that a balanced mind is the foundation for a fulfilling life.

Simone in gym gear smilling at camera emphasising fitness
Throughout its journey, Simone Thomas Wellness has been guided by its loyal customers, valued partners, and a dedicated team of professionals. The brand extends its heartfelt gratitude to all those who have contributed to its success, from the scientists formulating the products to the retail partners who have believed in its potential.

As Simone Thomas Wellness enters this new chapter of expansion, it remains committed to its values and vision. The brand's unwavering dedication to quality, authenticity, and customer satisfaction will continue to drive its growth and impact.

With its products set to grace the shelves of 20 premium Day Lewis stores in the near future, Simone Thomas Wellness is poised to touch even more lives and inspire individuals to lead healthier, happier lives.

In conclusion, the expansion of Simone Thomas Wellness into pharmacies and luxury retail stores marks a momentous occasion for the brand and its loyal supporters. The journey has been one of passion, resilience, and a deep commitment to well-being. As the brand looks ahead, it eagerly anticipates the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead, knowing that with each step, it gets closer to its vision of a healthier and happier world.

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