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covid hair loss

Tackling Covid Hair Loss from Within: Serena's Story

After experiencing Covid-19 twice over a 2 year period, Serena's eyes were opened to the devastating reality of Covid Hair Loss.  Discover how Simone Thomas Wellness helped turn her life around.

Serena's Story 

"My whole life I’ve been very lucky with my hair - beautiful, thick, shiny hair. Wherever I went people would compliment my hair. It was / is one of my best features for sure.

Looking back, I have come to the realisation that it was definitely Covid that caused the hair loss, after experiencing two bouts of the virus over 2 years. 

The first time my hair shed, but it wasn’t too noticeable. However, the second time I caught Covid, it hit my hair a lot harder. I was finding clumps of hair in my brush every day for around 5/6 weeks. I was scared.

It made me feel sick / scared / anxious / emotional - it was highly traumatic to see my hair falling out in large quantities.

I was going to try several different hair treatments prior to discovering Simone Thomas Wellness, however the reviews on those other companies were just not consistent enough for me to try the product.  Then I found Simone Thomas and instinctively I knew this brand was legitimate after reading about Simone’s story and loving her website. I also called the Simone Thomas salon for extra advice and the girls were amazing! They listened to me and made sure I chose the right products. I was advised to choose the Hair Loss plan. I didn’t even hesitate - I bought what I could afford and started taking the supplements immediately as soon as they arrived.

I saw results within 2 weeks. The shedding started to subside, to the point in which in week 3 it basically stopped!  Incredible. It made me focus for the next few months in taking these supplements regimentally everyday. I am now going on to my 3rd hair loss plan thanks to Simone Thomas and her team.

Now speaking from my current situation, my hair is starting to look and feel the way it used to – healthy, luscious and shiny. The thickness will take a while as those hairs I lost are slowly growing and sticking out all over the place - which I’m totally fine with.

I really don’t know what situation I would have been in if it wasn’t for Simone Thomas supplements. Not only have they made my hair amazing again, but my skin / nails and all round well-being is at its highest! 

Thank you Simone."

Serena pre hair loss (left) Serena after hair loss, mid-taking supplements (right)



We can help you 

Explore our award-winning 3-Step Hair Care Plans, expertly formulated to improve the overall condition of your hair whilst stopping hair loss in its tracks.

Or Alternatively, browse the full range of Simone Thomas Wellness supplements.

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