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7 Signs That You Need Hair Loss Supplements

Thick, glossy and shiny hair is something we all want. Some people are naturally born with thicker, more vital hair, while others work to feed and nourish their hair to make it as strong and healthy as possible. There is a lot of contradicting information about hair supplements and vitamins, and it can be hard to know the best choice for your needs. If you struggle with particularly fine hair or hair loss, are extra vitamins or supplements going to help?

We've put together this helpful blog to highlight the main reasons you'd benefit from taking hair loss supplements and the signs to look out for if you'd just simply benefit from hair vitamins.


What Are Hair Growth Vitamins?

As the name suggests, hair growth supplements help provide you with all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs to encourage hair growth. It can be one of the best hair loss treatments and has helped many people suffering from hair loss.



4 Signs You Need Vitamins For Hair Regrowth

Many issues our bodies and hair face are linked to our genetics but also the unhealthy nature of modern life. Our hair can be negatively impacted by our environment ad the food we eat, but it's also possible to recognise the very valuable role supplements or hair vitamins can play.

Vitamins for healthy hair help to promote and improve the health of your hair, adding to its shine and improving its thickness. In contrast, hair loss supplements are designed to help people experiencing from thinning hair, baldness or excessive amounts of hair loss. Hair loss supplements are specifically tailored to target hair loss and encourage growth. You may be wondering whether you need to use this kind of product, and below are four main signs that show you may need hair loss supplements.


1. Your Hair is Falling Out More Than Normal 

Some degree of hair loss is normal. Stray hairs may come loose when you brush, or you may spot a handful after washing your hair in the bath or shower. However, if the amount of hair you are losing is more than usual, you may benefit from hair loss supplements before the loss leads to significant thinning or bald patches appearing. 


2. You've Noticed Patches of Hair Thinning or Baldness

Alopecia areata is a medical condition that results in your hair falling out in patches. The patches may connect and then become more significant and result in large areas of baldness. This particular condition happens when your immune system attacks your hair follicles. There are other health conditions that can result in thinning or hair loss. Using a high-quality hair loss supplement can help encourage regrowth and improve the health of your remaining hair.


3. Experiencing Hair Loss After Illness or Stress

Emotional stress is known to induce hair loss as well as many other symptoms. Furthermore, there is a wide range of health conditions that can cause hair loss, including autoimmune diseases, thyroid disorders and anaemia. Treatment for the underlying condition of emotional stress should have a positive impact on your hair, and the addition of hair regrowth supplements can help too.


4. You've Seen Little Results From Alternative Fixes 

Once you begin experiencing hair loss, chances are you've tried various methods to stop it in its track. Hair masks, nourishing conditioners, hormonal changes and even dietary changes can influence your hair loss issue, but if all your efforts are not enough, it may be time to try supplementation as well. The best vitamins and nutrients can encourage hair regrowth, and supplements are a convenient way to ensure you get all the nutrients your hair needs.


Ginkgo For Hair Regrowth

If you experience any of the above signs, then you'll benefit from our range of Ginkgo Biloba B+ hair loss supplements. These specially formulated supplements include powerful antioxidants that are incredibly beneficial to encouraging healthy hair regrowth. They incorporate vitamin B complex, including folic acid and vitamin B12, that are strong enough to stimulate new healthy hair growth but gentle enough not to cause any further hair damage or scalp irritation.



3 Signs You Need Hair Supplements To Replenish

Hair supplements are an effective way of bringing shine, life and health back to your hair. There are many things that can indicate your hair could benefit from supplements and key vitamins, including:


1. Your hair and hair follicles are feeling dull, flat and lifeless

Everything from pollutants in the air to our choice of diet can impact our hair's condition. Dull, flat and lifeless hair is not something you have to put up with, and with the right treatment and dietary supplements, you can find pride in your hair again. Quality hair supplements will help nourish and condition your hair, returning its shine, gloss and even thickness.


2. Noticing signs of damage or breakage 

Breakages and hair snapping easily is a sign of poor condition and damage. This can happen over time due to ageing, can be as a result of medical conditions or due to using poor quality hair growth products and a variety of other harmful chemicals overtime, or colour on your hair. Whatever the cause of damage, your hair will benefit from a supplementation programme.


3. You want to prevent hair loss  

Hair loss is something many of us worry about, especially as we age and at times when it's known to be prevalent such as postpartum. Hair supplements can help replenish and strengthen your hair, helping to prevent the risk of hair loss and minimise its impact. Even something as simple as prolonged blow drying can cause damage to hair shafts. 


Biotin for Healthy Hair 

Biotin supplements can help if you experience any of these individual signs or a combination of all three. Our hair supplements are expertly formulated and include enough biotin (10,000mcg) to help fix your hair issues. Each tablet provides your body with the right nutrients, packed with the best vitamins, minerals, botanicals, live cultures and more to encourage healthy hair and a better hair growth cycle.



How We’ve Helped Others With Their Hair Growth

We are proud to have helped people regain pride in their hair and appearance. Our range of products helps promote healthy, thick and stronger hair that people can be proud of and enjoy showing off. We have many fantastic examples and case studies showing just how transformative our products can be. 

Consider Cecilia's story, she saw her hair damaged by the menopause but our supplements made all the difference as she says, "Menopause ruined my hair, but Simone is the best in the world related to hair health. I am so so happy with the results after taking ginkgo Biloba, and I will be carrying on forever now! I wish I'd found this plan earlier."



Lilly, on the other hand, experienced hair loss due to dermatological problems and saw her skin and hair improve significantly with The Biotin Hair Care Plan and some lifestyle changes.

Simone Thomas Wellness can support people in finding the right effective supplement plan to keep their hair healthy, whether you're experiencing loss, hoping to avoid it or simply want to rejuvenate and give your hair a new lease of life. Get in touch to find out more.

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