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Expanding Simone Thomas Wellness into Canada and America

We are excited to announce that Simone Thomas Wellness has recently embarked on a journey to expand its products into Canada and America! We are so thrilled about this next step in our journey.

Read on to find out the motivations behind this expansion, the challenges faced, the unique aspects of the Canadian and American markets, and how we plan to engage with its new customers and start taking over the world.

What was the inspiration behind the expansion?

With over 10,000 North American Visitors to the Simone Thomas Wellness Website each month, we felt it would be prudent to maintain stock levels in the US market for faster order to delivery for our customers. Each month we were seeing exceptional enquiries and orders off the back of a Martha Stewart feature, where our award winning SkinQuencher was mentioned. 

Customer service is really important to us, and we want to ensure a fabulous ordering experience for our clients. In addition to that, I feel it's important to help every person in the world, if we are able. The problems that Simone Thomas Wellness address and solve are not limited to European Shores, they are global problems. By expanding into new markets, we aim to reach a larger audience, offering them effective and natural solutions for their well-being.

Which locations will you be launching in?

We have strategically chosen several states/regions for the initial launch into stores within the United States. Simone is booked in September to do a two weeks road trip to meet with the press, TV and radio interviews as well as be part of some of the store's openings.

Our products are available in the United States and Canada via our website and globally via Amazon, with a few select retail partners pending.

“I am very excited to be going back to America and visiting some of the places I love like: California, New York, Texas, Florida as well as Canada which has been nearly 20 years since I was last there.”


How do you expect your products will be received in the Canadian and American markets compared to the UK, and what makes them stand out in the American and Canadian markets?

Based solely on web traffic alone, there is a significant amount of consumer interest from the US & Canada, we just needed to simplify the ordering and shipment process. Our fulfilment centre is based in Charleston, allowing for 2-3 day shipping to the majority of North America. While the brand has already established a reputation for excellence in the UK, the Canadian and American markets present unique opportunities for growth.

Our product ingredients and efficacy speak for themselves; commitment to using high-quality, ethically sourced ingredients, its evidence-based formulations, and its personalised approach to well-being. That is what will stand out to the consumer. 

What have been some of the challenges in launching your products in a new country, and how have you overcome them?

 There have been a couple of challenges so far. Our very first shipment to the US was to a Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, who wanted to provide our high quality products for his patients. Custom clearance was a nightmare, then we found a US partner that made it all possible. We did a Boomerang video on Instagram of the product being picked up from our office.

Producing the label artwork to ensure FDA and Health Canada Compliance was the biggest hurdle. We hired a 3rd party consultant to assist with that (Buyerdock), through 2D-QR codes.

How do you plan on engaging with your Canadian and American customers?

If it's not broken, why try to fix it? We plan to engage with the North American consumer the same way that we have done in Europe through interviews, blogs, videos, Social Media advertising via Geomarketing & talk shows. 

How did the team celebrate the launch?

It marked a significant milestone for the brand and the team. We organised a special gathering, filled with laughter, shared stories, and a collective sense of pride. It served as a reminder of the dedication and hard work invested in making the expansion a reality.

Are there any plans for further expansion?

While Simone Thomas Wellness is thrilled with its expansion into Canada and America, the brand's vision extends beyond these borders, with the next stop and launch in Australia and New Zealand.

Simone’s personal goals for the future

  • Hope to turn Simone Thomas Wellness into a 15 million folate yearly business within USA within the next 7 years 
  • Buy a property out there for my boys and start spending more time there as the three bears
  • Expand the team in the UK to add a new global account manager that will work with the USA and Canadian team out there from the UK
  • Win multiple awards and certifications within these regions 
  • Write for the press and tabloids on a monthly basis

To conclude, Simone Thomas Wellness has its sights set on further expansion into Australia and New Zealand, while also aspiring to achieve impressive business growth, establish a presence in the press, and continue winning awards and certifications. We look forward to what’s to come!

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