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How Motherhood Impacts Wellbeing

How Motherhood Impacts a Mother's Wellbeing

Motherhood is amazing and it can be one of the best things in life, but as a society we rarely look at the toll it takes on women's wellbeing.

It all starts with our worries about staying healthy during pregnancy and avoiding any risk to the baby. Keeping up with your mental health in motherhood can be a rollercoaster ride! If you add to this with raging hormones or maybe you’re feeling frustrated with your partner as the tiredness plays a toll on your both you can feel very emotional. Particularly if, like many women, you’ve been caring so much about everyone else that you’ve forgotten about yourself. So, what challenges can you expect while trying to stay well through your pregnancy and beyond?

Calming the raging hormones

To say our hormones run wild during pregnancy and post-partum is an understatement. You begin to notice changes to your hair and skin, and your anxiety levels may be considerably higher than usual. None of this means you have done anything wrong; in fact, these are perfectly normal adjustments that every mum goes through. With the right nutrition, and with the right supplements you can adjust to these new experiences with greater ease and confidence.

Prioritising your wellbeing 

Sometimes, women become so consumed about their growing baby, it can begin to feel like you are merely just a vessel designed to bring a baby to the world. This couldn’t be any less true! Your wellbeing during pregnancy and post-partum is essential. If you haven’t established a rock-solid self-care routine ahead of time, don’t beat yourself up now but focus on taking action by adding little things for you into your day. The sooner you take care of yourself, the better, because being a mum is busy and it isn’t always easy! So do more of what nourishes your mind, soul, and body — spending time with close friends, treating yourself to nutritious and tasty food, as well as caring for your hair and skin which will do wonders for your mental health and confidence.



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In this e-book you will find information on:

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Standing your ground

At a time when you feel extra vulnerable, standing your ground is especially hard. You may find the extra chores you do at home get on your nerves more and more and you need to renegotiate boundaries with your partner. Lack of flexibility at work can make you want to rethink your career options or even consider pausing work for a while. If you plan to keep growing professionally, it can be a challenge to follow your calling while giving your child all the attention it needs. But take it from someone that’s already been there — don’t let anyone guilt-trip you into abandoning your dreams! You can still be a mum and pursue other interests on the side, just don’t be afraid to reach out to friends and family for help and support.

Finding your allies

As mothers, we often feel guilty for any problems our children may encounter. This guilt can show up at every decision you make - from work to nutrition - even though it is not something that should fall solely on us. As new mums often struggling with post-partum mental health, we need support from the people around us more than ever. To allow yourself to provide the best care for your child, ensure that you actively seek help when you need it. If you don’t already have a caring support network among your family and friends, consider joining a mum community, a baby-wearing club, or other support groups where new mums learn from each other and form lasting bonds. There are an increasing number of opportunities for meeting like-minded mums, who you may not realise are feeling the exact same way that you are. It takes a village to raise a child, and you don’t have to bear it alone.

Treating yourself with kindness

Understanding that we won’t be able to do everything perfectly is key to mental wellbeing as a mother, and so is being kind to ourselves. Many risk factors can play a role on maternal mental health, and sometimes the stress alone can cause health problems, ranging from thinning hair to dry and dull skin. It’s important to do what you can to keep yourself feeling calm and leading a healthy lifestyle, whilst understanding that you shouldn’t beat yourself up about things that are beyond your control. Most importantly, don’t put your needs aside. It’s far too easy to lose ourselves when we’re busy taking care of our family, but feeling good in your own skin is especially important when you become a mum.

One way Simone likes to take care of herself as a busy mum of two, is by religiously taking Ginkgo Biloba B + supplements on a daily basis to improve energy levels, relieve any anxiety or stress from being a parent and keep her skin and hair as healthy as they can be.

So, with Mother’s Day coming up, don’t forget to celebrate yourself, and remember to treat yourself with tender loving care each and every day.

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