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Hello and welcome to the “Living Life Well” podcast with me, Simone Thomas!

I change lives for a living as a multi-award winning hair loss consultant, nutrition adviser and bio-energetics practitioner. Simone Thomas Wellness started at my kitchen table and now I’m so excited to be bringing you the “Living Life Well” podcast to support your journey to health and well-being.

I’ll be talking to experts from around the world to find out what health and wellness is, not just looking at food and nutrition, but also lifestyle, relationships, sexual chemistry, stress, anxiety, fitness, skincare, hair and beauty.

I will speak to you like I’m your best friend providing you with honest true advice, that I’ve given to others during my career and lived by myself. I’ll ask the questions you wish you could ask the experts but maybe haven’t had the guts to do so on particular topics!

Let’s strip back the conversations, have a laugh and go on an incredible journey.

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